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WW2 German Armour Relics for Sale -
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WW2 German Armour Relics for Sale

WW2 German armour parts – and relics in particular – continue to grow in interest. Who wouldn’t want to own a part of a Tiger tank after all! So today we will explore some of the WW2 German relics available for sale at the moment. 

Panther / King Tiger / Jagdtiger Exhaust Pipe

This is quite a unique piece of armour that you don’t see very often. Standing almost 1 metre tall, it makes a very nice display item. It is self supporting as all the weight is in the base. It is a rather large and heavy item, but the seller posts worldwide. 

Panther / Tiger I exhaust pipe
WW2 German Army Panther / King Tiger / Jagdtiger Exhaust Pipe

Available from The Militaria Shop £325.00.

Panzer III & IV Ice Cleat

Panzer IV ice cleat.

Ice cleats were attached to the standard track link to give extra grip in snow and ice. This was especially useful on the Eastern Front, where extreme weather conditions challenged the German Army and its vehicles. They were manufactured to fit individual models of German tanks, so different models of cleats have distinct differences. These would fit a Panzer 3 or 4.

Available from Rock Steady Militaria35.00.

WW2 German Army Goliath Light Charge Carrier – Track Link pair.

An amazing pair of WW2 German Army battle damaged track links for the Goliath, which was a light charge carrier. It was a lightweight disposable vehicle designed to carry explosives, in order to disrupt enemy lines, as well as destroying bridges or buildings.

These tracks remain uncleaned in as-found condition. They were found in the Courland Pocket. These are extremely rare and very desirable for any track collector!

E-mail A.R. Militaria for more information, photos and to purchase this item. £300

Battle-damaged Panther Track Link Pair

WW2 German Army Panther Tank Track Link Pair for sale
WW2 German Army Panther Tank Track Link Pair with battle damage.

The Panther, also known as the Panzer V, was a medium size tank. But this means almost 45 tonnes of metal in total weight! Just this pair of track links weigh close to 45 kg. This means postage can be tricky and expensive, but the seller states they attend most of the big British and Western European military shows, so collection can be arranged from one of these to save on costs.

The track links are in very nice, relic condition. They haven’t been cleaned or messed with in any way. Just a nice, original example. There is some battle damage to one side, which adds to its historical value.

Panther track link for sale
Nice relic condition
WW2 German Army Panther Tank Track Link Pair for sale
WW2 German Army Panther Tank Track Link Pair – battle damaged, but still together.

Available from The Militaria Shop £525.00.

Panzer I & II track links

Panzer 1 2 track links for sale
The set of five links are still attached together.

This great example of relic tank part is actually 5 track links, which are still attached with their original pins. It is quite rare you find undamaged lengths like this one. They would have been on a Panzer I or Panzer II. These were one of the first models of German armoured vehicles and they were much lighter than the later versions. Nonetheless, this length of track still weighs a substantial amount!

Available from Rock Steady Militaria230.00.



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