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WW2 German Belt Buckles for Sale

Two-piece SA belt buckle

SA Belt Buckle front.

A nice condition two-piece construction SA buckle, with a silvered centre. This example has the eagles head below the inner wreath.

SA Belt Buckle rear

Available from M&T Militaria £110.00.


Hitler Youth buckle & belt.

The belt is rarely seen variation manufactured in this ersatz material and as it is clearly a Childs size of 64, it  is a Hitler Youth model which has clearly been with the belt all of its life.

Belt markings.
Buckle reverse.

It has a nickel plated steel buckle which is in great original condition, and it has no dents. On the reverse there is a makers mark RZM 4/27 which is for Overhoff & Cie of Lüdenscheid. Both of the belt adjusting prongs are intact.

Close up of the ersatz leather and belt catch.

An RZM and L2/303/40 marked ersatz leather belt – size 65cm.

RZM marking.

Available from Eagle Relics £245.00.
Eagle Relics militaria logo

Tropical German Army Officer’s belt.

DAK officers belt and buckle.jpg

A good original early olive green webbing/material tropical issue officers belt.

Green paint on the alloy fittings.
Rear of the buckle showing the cloth stitching.

It has the circular officer’s olive-drab painted buckle with crimped edge and retaining hook.

Rear of the buckle.

At some time the belt has been used to collect souvenirs and there are a number of puncture holes where some badges would have been fixed. Perhaps done by a British soldier.

Early green webbing.

The aluminium painted buckle is in good condition, with only minor paint loss in places.

DAK officers belt and buckle.jpg

This colour of early green webbing is a much harder variation to find than the later lighter shades.
Available from Regimentals £1995.00.
Regimentals Militaria


NCO’s Police Koppelschloß Belt Buckle.

WW2 German Police belt buckle

A rare WW2 German Police Buckle. This is a late war moulded one-piece aluminium buckle which comes complete with its’ original leather tab.

WW2 German Police belt buckle

This is a buckle which was only manufactured near the end of the war, It has most of the leather tab – which has just one small corner of leather missing.

Distinctive dish shape rear moulding.

Available from Eagle Relics £265.00.
Eagle Relics militaria logo


SS enlisted man’s / NCO’s belt buckle.

SS belt buckle front.

The front features has a smooth outer field and a high relief embossed motif centrally mounted which consists of SS type national eagle which has out stretched wings. It is clutching a wreath which the SS motto. It is a standard pattern steel stamped construction.

The wreath and overall markings are equally encompassed within a circular twisted rope type border and a gothic script motto which says ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’, (which means My Honour is Loyalty).

SS belt buckle reverse.

The buckle reverse is a mirror of the front and it has a brazed buckle catch with prong bar and prongs which are all intact. It is not a maker marked example, and the buckle still retains much of its’ original factory silver wash.

Available from The Collector’s Guild $714.00.


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