WW2 British Helmets Mk2 / Mk3 / Mk4 for Sale

The British helmet has changed a lot over the years, here we will go through some of the items available across the world today. Starting during WW2 with the Mk2 & Mk3 and heading to the Mk4 right at the end of WW2 and beyond. Especially in the UK British helmets are heavily collected with the variations and interest in these items is ever growing.

WW2 British Army Rough Textured Finish “Chocolate Brown” Helmet Complete With Liner & Chinstrap

An excellent WW2 era “Tommy” helmet in very clean overall condition. It retains all of its original textured rough finish and has no dents at all. The oil cloth liner and canvass chinstrap are both in good condition; however, the liner isn’t size or date marked. It is estimated to be about a UK size 7.

Overall an excellent example and the price includes UK shipping! 

Mk2 helmet complete
Front view – Textured Brodie MkII helmet
WW2 british Mk2 helmet liner
Complete WW2 undated British helmet liner complete with canvass elasticated chinstrap.



Textbook Mk2 Tan combat helmet
Overview of the helmets paintwork from all sides.

Available from JC Militaria in the UK for £245


Restored WW2 Mk2 British helmet – Perfect for reenactment or display

Restored WW2 Mk2 Helmet
Side view of the restored Mark 2 helmet showing the elasticated chinstrap and green paintwork.

This is an original WW2 Mark 2 helmet that’s been restored back to factory finish with its textured green paint. Then the restorer has also added a post-WW2 Belgian army liner (designed for WW2 reissue helmets) so that it can be worn today without wearing down a period liner. It has a late-war elasticated strap fitted, which is correct for the period.

A helmet like this is an ideal cheaper option for a new collector or a re-enactor. The Militaria Shop currently have only 4 remaining in stock, so it’s worth getting one whilst you can.

WW2 restored helmet WW2 Helmet liner

Available from The Militaria Shop in the UK for £61.50


WW2 Tommy helmet complete with net, liner & chinstrap

A textbook early WW2 Tommy helmet, with a liner produced in 1939. This example comes complete with an original period camouflaged string net, its original elasticated chinstrap and original 1939-dated liner that is a size 6 3/4 (about average for the time). The maker’s mark has sadly been worn away, but otherwise it’s a great-looking helmet, plus it has the original early wide dome screw still in situ, which doesn’t appear to have been messed with.

Original WW2 Mk2 helmet
Front view of the helmet, an example of how it could be displayed.
Mk2 Brodie Helmet liner
Textbook original helmet interior complete with its original chinstrap.
1939 Helmet liner
1939 dated WW2 helmet liner – Size 6 3/4

Available from Olivers Army in the UK for £125

WW2 British army carrying bag for Mk2 helmet

A nice WW2 1942-dated carrying bag that was manufactured for a Mk2 helmet. The canvas is in overall great condition with a 1942 date just still readable on the inside.

Available from Relic Militaria for in the UK for £18

Normandy Mk3 Turtle Helmet

This fantastic helmet will have been worn by a sapper from the Royal Engineers who were attached to the 1st Army Corps. Generally the Mk3 helmets were issued to the Canadian infantry divisions for Normandy. However, some were issued to British regiments. The Mark 3 ‘turtle’ was named as such due to the resemblance of the helmet shape to the animal; however, its official designation was the Mk3.

This helmet in particular is a fantastic Normandy example with multiple division signs and its original textured “Concrete” paint. An estimated 85-90% of the paint is still intact and the paint on the insignia is also in fantastic condition given its age and history.

The 1st Army stayed in Britain until the D-Day landings where they landed at H-Hour and fought through Caen and subsequently east out of Normandy before being redeployed later into the battles for Germany until April 1945.

This really is a rare piece from a famous collection and ideal for a mannequin or Normandy display and not the kind of item you would find again anytime soon!

D-Day Mk3 Turtle Helmet
Rare Div signed helmet – Selles Military Antiques
Rare divisional sign painted on the side of the helmet
Interior of the helmet with no liner but original chinstrap

Available from Selles Military Antiques in Normandy, France for €2475.00


An original Mk3 helmet converted to a caged lamp shade

Now this is a cool item. A Mk3 helmet that has been converted into a lamp shade. A cage has been added to maintain the rustic effect and the person has managed to maintain the original paintwork on the turtle helmet, making this a must have for any man cave / collection room.

Bas at Rocksteady Militaria has a few available ranging from €90-110. They really are a talking point.

WW2 Mk3 Helmet
WW2 MkIII turtle helmet converted to a lamp shade.
Helmet lampshade
The inner fixtures of the Mk3 turtle lampshade
WW2 Helmet Mk3 lamp
MkIII Turtles original paint still intact

Available from Rocksteady Militaria in Holland for €110


Mk4 turtle helmet in great condition complete with liner, chinstrap and camouflaged net

Finally, we get to the Mk4 Turtle. First designed and used at the end of WW2 but mainly used after the war, this example is a fantastic condition Mk4 turtle, the net is correct for the age and likely original to the shell, as is the liner and chinstrap. The “pull the dot” liner system was a post-war design based on the US army systems and it made removing the liner a lot easier.

A field dressing has been attached to the side of the helmet presumably for display, but it really does add to the effect and makes the helmet an all round great display item.

Mk4 Turtle Helmet with camo net
Field dressing mounted inside the helmet net of turtle helmet

Pull the dot Mk4 helmet liner Mk4 Turtle Helmet

Available from VIGO Militaria in the UK for £145

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