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Editor’s Pick – Gulf War Signed Helmet

Welcome to the Editor’s Pick.

Every now and again we find an item that really interests us, so we just have to do a post about it. These items tend to be unique, unusual, totally random, or just too interesting to ignore.

Today’s item certainly falls under the unique and interesting categories. This is a US Army Gulf War “Choc Chip” camouflage helmet cover unlike all the rest. It has been signed by the late General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf who sadly passed away in 2012. Whilst he was the commander of the US Central command, he was in control of all coalition forces during the Gulf War.

Helmet signed by General H Norman Schwarzkopf for sale

Military history

General Schwarzkopf started his military career in 1956 as a second lieutenant. He transferred around numerous training programs before being interrupted to serve in the Vietnam War. He began his time in Vietnam as an advisor to the South Vietnamese Army before being sent into combat as a battalion commander. Whilst in Vietnam, he was awarded not one but three Silver Stars as well as two Purple Hearts plus the Legion of Merit. Continuing his rise in ranks post Vietnam, he went on to command the 24th Mechanized Infantry Division and commanded troops into Grenada in 1983.

The promotions continued, and in 1988 Schwarzkopf took the position of command for United States Central Command. His first action was a call to respond to the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The plan was to defend Saudi Arabia and his force eventually grew to around 750,000 troops. After diplomatic attempts to solve the crisis failed, he led Operation Desert Storm, which defeated the Iraqi army and pushed them out of Kuwait in 1991. He was awarded with yet more military honours.

Shortly after this, General Schwarzkopf retired from military service as a four-star general with the honours found at the bottom of this page. It is an incredible resume of awards.

Some information about the general
Gulf War Signed Helmet for sale
Close-up of the signature and the 4 stars indicating his four-star general status
The helmet & cover

The helmet is a Gulf war era Kevlar helmet that General Schwarzkopf has signed. The sellers sponsored the general on an Australian speaking tour in the late 1990s so he kindly signed a small quantity of the helmet covers for them. All these years later they have decided to part ways with 3 of them (one sold and 2 remaining). With the purchase you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity along with copies of an image of him signing the covers.

This is a chance to own a unique piece of history. We as collectors often think back to items we wish we had bought, as they increase so much in value over time. I myself remember seeing WW2 British helmets for £2-£5 each. I wish I had bought more! This helmet and cover will be one of those amazing “I wish” moments in 20 years time, especially given the provenance. Again, I recommend checking out his list of decorations below.

They are currently for sale from Sabre Militaria in Australia for AUS$2,300.

Choc Chip Kevlar Helmet
View of the liner
An incredible list of decorations
There are not many soldiers who achieve awards as such, and this many of them!
His non-military and foreign awards

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