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WW2 British Airborne Equipment for Sale -
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WW2 British Airborne Equipment for Sale

WW2 British Airborne equipment has always been highly collectible. Units in the British Airborne were often issued unique pieces of equipment and some of them are not only hard to find, but they are also expensive when you do find them. Here is a selection of some of those specialist WW2 Airborne items for sale that you might be looking for to fill in gaps in your collection.

British Army WW2 Airborne Toggle Rope

Considered an essential part of airborne equipment, these ropes were widely issued and could be joined together to pull equipment. Each rope is approximately 2 metres long. The loop and stick could join with another rope to create a stronger piece of equipment for pulling, climbing or any other use required.

Available from World Military Collectables in the UK for £45.

WW2 British Paratroopers Toggle Rope
WW2 British Airborne Troops Toggle Rope
WW2 British Paratroopers Toggle Rope from WW2
Close-up of the stick and loop

World Military Collectables.

British Army Airborne Rifle Valise

This example is in near-mint condition and is well-dated 1945. They were issued to Airborne units to protect their .303 calibre Lee Enfield Rifles as they jumped out of aeroplanes. Manufactured in wool with canvas straps, they are very difficult to find in this condition. It does have some storage marks and minor moth damage but given the age of the item it is not so much of a problem. There is a faded maker’s mark but the 1945 date is clear.

This fantastic example is available from Clements Militaria in Holland for €475.

WW2 paratroopers .303 rifle valise.
British Airborne Rifle Valise from WW2
WW2 British Airborne Paratroopers rifle valise.
Close-up of the press stud closure
A nicely dated 1945 British Airborne Parachutist Rifle Valise
The straps and fastening buckles

Rare WW2 Rifle Valise - paratrooper .303 enfield.

Clements Militaria

British Airborne 2-in Mortar-Carrying Leg Bag

This canvas bag was carried by Airborne forces and tied to the soldiers’ leg as they left their aircraft, so that it would fall in front of the soldier as he landed. If you watch the classic film The Longest Day, you will see one in action.

This example is in very clean condition and it appears to be unissued. There is a 1943 date and during WW2 it would have been used for a dismantled Sten gun and Sten magazines, as well as to carry 2-inch mortar rounds.

This rare drop bag is available from Vigo Militaria in the UK. £145.

Paratroopers / Airborne drop bag for mortars.
The bag closed up, ready for use.
WW2 British Army Paratroopers Leg Bag. Mortar Carrier.
The bag opened up to show the interior.
WW2 Para drop bag.
The rear showing the connector for the rope.

Vigo Militaria & Collectables

WW2 British / Canadian/ Belgian Army Airborne Protective Body Armour

A rare set of body armour which was issued to various countries during WW2 and post war. It consists of a number of protective steel plates covered in canvas and it would have been strapped over the jacket to protect the soldier’s vital organs. With this example, one of the straps has a little damage but otherwise this is a set in good condition.

Available for sale today from The Militaria Shop in the UK for £265.

WW2 Paratroopers body armour.
British Airborne Paratrooper’s body armour
WW2 Paratroopers body armour.
Rear view

The Militaria Shop logo

WW2 British Airborne Mae West Life Preserver

This is a very rare piece of British Airborne kit. This would have been worn over the top of all other equipment, in case the soldier landed in water. Then it would be inflated to keep him safe.

This example is in unissued condition and it is WD and 1945 stamped. A very difficult item to find in any condition.

The life preserver is available from Clements Militaria in Holland for €475.


The markings on it are quite clear.


Close-up of the inflating tube

Clements Militaria

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