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WW2 to Cold War Russian Helmets for Sale -
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WW2 to Cold War Russian Helmets for Sale

In the last 100 years, helmets have changed massively and that is no different when it comes to Russian Helmets. In this article we will begin to scratch the surface of WW2 through to Cold War era Russian helmets. The models only changed ever so slightly across this period, but they did change. As the post-WW2 Soviet era began, many of the newly-Soviet countries took on the Russian helmet models and made them their own. This makes for a nice selection of helmets to collect.

Russian Soldiers in uniform
Russian soldiers in 1945 wearing SSh 40 helmets in full dress uniform. Credit: Mil.ru

Russian SSh36 Combat Helmet

During 1915 the French army modernised warfare by creating the first general-issue helmet. They then sold 2 million of these helmets to the Russians, which made it the first widely-issued Russian helmet. Although the Russian army did create their own version of this helmet, their main mass-produced helmet didn’t come until 1936 with the SSh36.

The SSh36 did include some similar features when compared to a WW1 Adrian helmet, including the comb on the top. However, the main change was the overall shape; making it cover more of the dome of the head and the ears. This example is in overall great condition and shows most of its original paint still intact. It also has the remnants of the Red Army star painted on the front of the helmet.

This cracking helmet is for sale in the USA for $995 from The Collector’s Guild.

original SSh36 helmet for sale
Note the shape of the helmet with the dip to help protect the ears. This is a relatively unusual design for any nation.
Russian Star on helmet
Originally the star would have held the hammer and sickle in the centre.
SSh36 Helmet liner
Much like WW1 helmet liners, this liner was made of a heavy wool material.

The Collector's Guild

Russian SSh39 Combat Helmet

The next pattern of Russian helmet was the SSh39. This is where the Russians went to their most-produced overall shape. The helmet’s shape had a more domed design, which made it more comparable to US helmets of the same era.

SSh 39 pattern helmets are quite rare things to find. They were only produced for around a year, so there just weren’t as many manufactured. This helmet for sale has a lot of its original paintwork still intact and most interestingly, has suffered some blast damage in battle, leaving it cracked across the top front edge.

Currently for sale in Holland from Rocksteady Militaria for €125, this helmet is a must-have addition to any relic collection.

Ssh39 Russian Helmet for Sale
To the top left of the photo you can see where the helmet has been cracked by the blast.
Ssh39 Soviet Helmet for Sale
The interior view of the helmet shows how the rust has taken off some of the paintwork.

Rocksteady Militaria Logo


Russian SSh40 Combat Helmet

Only a year later, the powers that be decided to change the model of helmet again. Although they kept the main overall shape of the helmet, the liner configuration changed. This moved the rivets that are visible on the outside of the helmet. Overall, the rivets are the easiest way to quickly identify the different variations of Russian helmets, so it is worth noting.

This particular helmet is a fantastic piece. It retains its original hammer & sickle in a Red Army star on the front, original liner and original chinstrap, making it an all-around great helmet. To add to this, there is blast damage on the roof of the helmet. This makes it a true combat item that likely saw action during WW2.

Helmets in this kind of condition with the paintwork in such great shape is becoming hard to find. This example is for sale from CS Militaria in the UK for £575.

Ssh40 Helmet for sale
The red star would have been added at a regimental level rather than factory applied. This means there’s a lot of variation in the markings’ final finish.
Ssh40 Helmet liner for sale
The original oil cloth liner is still intact and not in bad shape for its age.

CS Militaria

Czechoslovakian Vz53 (M53) Helmet

Moving into the Soviet era post WW2, many nations were now under Russian control and as such, their soldiers would have to take part in national service with the Russian armies. Most countries, however, did end up with their own variation of helmet. More often than not this was simply a change of the liner design and configuration. So, much like with the SSh39 to the SSh40, the change on the outside of the helmet is simply a rivet location change, but inside, it is a change in liner design.

The Czechs produced the Vz53 helmet from 1953, adding in a more Germanic style of liner with suspended leather. This example below is available for sale for £45 from Battleflag Militaria in the UK and is a lovely example of this Soviet-era helmet.

Czech Vz53 for sale
The liner rivets are now up near the top of the helmet, more like the SSh39.
Czech helmet liner
The Czech liner is very similar to that of a WW2 German liner.

Battleflag Militaria

Hungarian M70 Helmet

Much like with the Czech helmets, the Hungarians took an SSh40 and adapted it with their own liner configuration. By the time this helmet was being produced, we were well into the Cold War and the Soviets were prepared/preparing for a potential fight in Germany with the Allied forces. Luckily it never came to this! But as such, lots of these helmets were produced and are currently still readily available on the market.

This particular example retains almost all of its original paintwork and the liner appears in good useable condition. It is currently available for sale in the UK from The Militaria Shop for £23.99.

Hungarian M70 for sale
Once again, the rivets were moved to a midpoint halfway up the helmet.
Hungarian Helmet Liner
This pattern of liner is quite unique in combat helmets and is reminiscent of riding or paratrooper helmets.

The Militaria Shop logo

Painted Russian Helmet for Sale

Finally today, an unusual and interesting item. I had to include this as personally, I just love items like this. Hand-painted by Kirsty Sanderson in the UK, this Soviet helmet has been painted to show WW2 combat on the front and sides and then a Russian award on the rear. The paintwork is all done in acrylic paints and is a complete one off item, making it a great piece for any display or collection.

This unique item is available for sale in the UK from VIGO Militaria for £155.

Hand painted helmet for sale
The front of the helmet shows a soldier holding a PPSH-41 and another throwing a grenade.
Hand painted helmet for sale
The rear of the helmet shows a Russian merit award, making it an eye-catching piece.

Vigo Militaria & Collectables

Notable absences

As we are all about showing you items, today I presented the variations I was able to find within our partner sites. However, it would be remiss not to mention some of the other variation of post-WW2 cold war era helmets. For example the Polish Wz.63, which – like many of the others – resembles an SSh40 in most ways, barring the liner. There were some other Soviet Union helmets that were not modelled on the SSh40, however. These include the Romanian Model 1973 and the East German Model 1956, which had completely different shapes.

Overall, collecting all Russian helmets from the last century would be an interesting challenge and one I am now considering, having spent the time to write this article.

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