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German Soldiers’ Equipment from WW2 for Sale

As collectors, there is always a sense of satisfaction when you complete a set. It becomes something of an obsession when you are looking for that one last piece of equipment needed to complete a particular set. Today we will look at some WW2 German soldiers’ equipment we can find for sale across our partner sites. Some pieces are more common than others, but all are becoming harder and harder to find. Hopefully we have helped you find that one item that completes your set!

German Army Afrika Korps Tropical Belt & Buckle Set
WW2 German Africa korps Belt & Buckle
The overall condition is fantastic, considering this belt is generally an early manufacture, meaning it would have had a long war.

Every soldier in the German armed forces, be that Wehrmacht, SS, Luftwaffe, DAF and so on, had their own belt and buckle set. However, each branch of service had its own variation. This example is an army eagle but what makes it so interesting to collectors is the belt itself. Most belts were simply black leather belts. There are a few variations, but for the most part they are all the same. However, the troops out in Africa were issued with canvas belts. This is known as a “Tropical” pattern and is considerably rarer and hard to find.

This example is available from Military Antiques in the UK for a price of £450 and is complete with its steel “Gott Mit Uns” (God be with us) Wehrmacht buckle. For extra rarity, the buckle has its canvas tropical tab still intact.

WW2 German Africa korps Belt & Buckle
Spread out, it makes for a great display piece.

Military Antiques logo

K98 Rifle Ammunition Pouches

The reason I started with the belt was simple; it formed the basis for most of the standard equipment. Take the K98 ammunition pouch for example. The belt would run through the back of the pouch, holding it to the soldier’s waist. Most infantrymen would carry two such pouches, one on each hip. So to follow the logic of a soldier having a pair, I have picked out two nice examples. One from Olivers Army in the UK listed at £75 and the other from The Ruptured Duck in the USA for $110. Both are in lovely condition and would look fantastic on a mannequin / belt setup.

Leather K98 Ammo Pouch
This fantastic set is in near mint condition and is code stamped 0/0350/0152 in the rear.

Olivers Army logo

Original WW2 German Ammo Pouch
This set is also in great shape with the maker’s mark “Richter/Wein” on the rear with a 1940 date stamp.

The Ruptured Duck Militaria

Gewer 43 Rifle Ammunition Pouch

A great development came during WW2 with the semi-automatic rifle being mass produced. The German example of this was the G43. Used as a sniper rifle at times but more frequently as an infantry weapon, the G43 was a fantastic rifle in combat. Those who have been around the collecting world for a while may recall a huge mountain of G43 pouches being found in Eastern Europe a few years ago. Although this did dent the rarity and value of them for a while, they still remain a rare piece. This fantastic example is for sale in the UK for £175 from Malcolm Wagner Militaria.

WW2 German Army G43 Ammo Pouch for sale
In very clean crisp condition. This example is as nice as you would easily find.
WW2 German Army G43 Ammo Pouch for sale
Maker marked “ros” and date stamped 1944 on the inside.

Malcolm Wagner Militaria

German Army Gas Mask Can

The next piece of equipment every soldier would carry is a gas mask. Although there are a few variations of tin, manufacturer and size, they are for the most part the same design. It would be carried in a tin, either with a hook attached to the soldier’s waist belt, or via a carrying strap over the shoulder. This next item is just the gas mask tin and is available from Axis Track Services via Relicorps in the UK for £50.

WW2 german gas mask tin for sale
Externally it retains the majority of its original paintwork.
WW2 german gas mask tin for sale
Internally the tin is in good shape although does have some corrosion.

Relicorps logo

Soldier’s Water Bottle Canteen & Cup

How far would an army make it without water? The answer of course is, not far. Each soldier would carry their own water bottle with a cup attached to the top by a leather strap. Although millions were made, good original and untouched examples are getting very tough to find. Eagle Relics in the UK have a soldier’s water bottle set for sale, complete with its steel cup, leather strap and its felt cover still intact. It is currently up for sale for £145.

WW2 German water bottle for sale
The overall condition is fantastic for something almost 80 years old.
WW2 German water bottle for sale
The cup comes off the top to reveal the screw cap on the water bottle. It is dated 1944.

Eagle Relics militaria logo

German SS Marked Mess Tin

Much like with water bottles, mess kits are a very important part of keeping an army rolling. Each soldier would be issued with one to eat from when out in the field. This example, however, is of particular rarity. Early on in the war the SS regiments were issued with their own marked items. This even went to the level of SS marked bullet casings! With the mess tins, this meant that the front bracket was stamped with the SS runes in a circle, indicating it was produced for SS units.

In a collecting sense these days, SS tins and camouflaged tins are likely the two most desirable and difficult to find in any condition. Luckily M&T Militaria in the UK have this fantastic condition example available for £250.

SS mess tin for sale
It is in overall good condition, retaining the majority of its original black paint.
SS marked German mess tin for sale
To the left (and censored) are the SS runes in a circle followed by the manufacturer code. For the uncensored photos, visit M&T Militaria.

M&T Militaria logo

German Army Tornister Backpack

Up next for a standard soldier would be his backpack. This particular type is known as a tornister. It is a fairly straightforward design with an opening flap to reveal a large pocket on the inside. Most examples are backed with horse hair, although not all are. The backpack could be used to carry a soldier’s mess tin, basic equipment, rations or whatever else he desired. This was the standard backpack, but many specialist variations exist for different regiments, jobs or types of equipment.

This particular piece is currently for sale in Australia from Sabre Militaria for AU$245.

WW2 german backpack for sale
This pack retains most of its original horse hair.
WW2 german tornister for sale
Well maker marked and dated 1939 on the rear leatherwork.

Sabre Militaria logo

German Army Browning Hi-Power Holster

Finally, no soldier’s belt set would be complete without a holster. However, rather than go for the classic holsters for the P38 or the Luger, I wanted to find something a bit more unusual. Browning were based in Belgium, so when the Germans occupied the country, they took control of the FN factory and began production of a German Browning pistol. This also meant the production of German holsters for a Browning pistol. Chelmsford Militaria in the UK have a nice condition Browning Hi-Power holster currently for sale for £275.

WW2 German Browning Holster for sale
The brown leather is in supple condition and is dated 1943 on the rear.

Chelmsford Militaria

So, that concludes today’s look at a German soldier’s equipment from WW2 for sale across our partner sites. Of course as with most subjects, there are so many offshoots, variations and combinations available that in a short post we could never cover it all. But that is exactly what makes collecting militaria so interesting!

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