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WW2 Battledress Uniforms for Sale -
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WW2 Battledress Uniforms for Sale

Today we will have a look through some fantastic WW2 battledress uniforms for sale across our partner sites. There are some truly fantastic uniforms in here so we will dive right in!!! As always, remember that there are more photos of each item on the seller’s website, so feel free to click the link under each item to see the seller’s website.

British RASC 21st Army Group Battledress

Battledress for a Staff Sergeant in the Royal Army Service Corps, serving with the 21st Army Group. This particular piece was manufactured by Barrister Clothing on January 4th, 1943, and was part of the US-made ‘War Aid’ collection, provided to Great Britain under the Lend Lease agreement. The interior label indicates that it is a size 4 ‘Blouses Battledress W.A.’ The blouse features embroidered RASC titles, rank insignia for Staff Sergeant, and 21st Army Group patches on each arm.

WW2 British RASC 21st Army Group Battledress Blouse 1943
In lovely overall condition.

The collar of the blouse is tailored open to allow for wearing with a shirt and tie, which became fashionable later in the war. The medal ribbons on the blouse indicate that the wearer had considerable war service, including the France and Germany Star, War Medal, 1939-45 Star, and Defence medal. Unfortunately, one button is missing from the front fly of the blouse, but overall it remains a fascinating and important piece of military history.

WW2 British RASC 21st Army Group Battledress Blouse 1943

This fantastic battledress is available for sale from CS Militaria in the UK for £275.

CS Militaria

WW2 King’s Own Scottish Borderers Battledress

This WW2 King’s Own Scottish Borderers battledress is in excellent condition, and it’s apparent from the shoulder pieces that pips were once attached to it. The label, still legible, states that it’s a size 13 from 1945, which coincides with the War Department ‘Z’ marking. Notably, both emblems are stitched with different yarn, adding to its distinctiveness.

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers regiment was involved in significant military campaigns and battles during World War II, and this battledress is a testament to the bravery and service of those who wore it. This amazing example is for sale from Marvin’s Military in Holland for €350.

Major General Harold Hounsell’s Royal Artillery Battledress Jacket

This wool battledress features four matching buttons leading to a laydown collar, with a pair of Brigadier collar badges sewn to each collar point. Integral button shoulder straps with major general rank insignia are present, while each sleeve bears a shoulder flash for the British anti-aircraft command.

Above the left breast are two hand-sewn rows of seven ribbon bars each. Beginning with the top row from left to right, they represent the Companion Most Honourable Order of Bath, the British Empire Medal (Military), the 1st Army British Commonwealth Africa Star, the Italy Star, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 War Medal with Oak Leaf, and a U.S. Bronze Star ribbon bar.

There are pleated patch pockets to each breast, featuring scalloped flaps with button closures. The outside seam slashes at the pleated cuffs also have single, hidden button closures. An integral belt with a nickel-silver buckle and a vertical wool retaining loop on its opposite side is located at the waistband, which has multiple pleats above it at the back.

Major General Harold Hounsell

The interior is unlined with a pair of horizontal slash breast pockets and shoulder padding. The chest measures approximately 44″. Although not named inside, Major General Harold Hounsell is the only Anti-Aircraft Command officer to receive such a battledress, adding to its historical significance.

This amazing jacket is available from The Collector’s Guild for $1,428.

The Collector's Guild

19th Fusilier Battalion Battledress Jacket

This WW2 P40 Battle Dress tunic belonged to the 19th Fusilier Battalion – 15th Fusilier Brigade “resistance”. It comes with a May 1940 Belgium ID tag named to O.P. Vanbelle, while the insignia is original wartime applied. The tunic is in good condition with only minor moth damage (two small holes) and has its maker’s label dated 1943 in size 6.

As most of the fusiliers in the 19th Fusilier Battalion were part of the resistance, they proudly wore the formation badge of the 15th Fusilier Brigade. This heraldic yellow lion facing to the left is depicted on a scarlet shield above the word “resistance”, with the Flemish word for resistance, “weerstand”, below.

On December 31, 1945, the 19th Fusilier Battalion was disbanded at Leopoldsburg, having been practically all assigned to the 21st Army Group and the 12th US Army Group. They saw action in Belgium, Holland, and Germany during their service.

This rare battledress is available from JM Militaria for €525.


Polish 1st Armoured Division Battledress

This is a unique battledress blouse made by the Polish, using US army shirts. It features original badges including collar tabs for the Polish armoured units, 2 titles, and a 1st Polish armoured brigade patch on the arms. Interestingly, the 1st Polish brigade patch has been stitched upside down, although it was originally done so.

polish 1st armoured battledress

The blouse is secured with Polish-British made plastic buttons on the front and 2 metal ones on the shoulder tabs. Overall, this is a fascinating example of the resourcefulness and creativity exhibited by soldiers during wartime.

It is available for sale from Britton at War for £500.

WW2 Gloucestershire Regiment Officer’s Battledress

The Gloucestershire Regiment recently held a large auction, selling off its surplus material, including many uniforms. Among them was a 1940-pattern enlisted man’s battledress blouse from 1942 that has not been altered for officer wear. It was worn by Lieutenant Colonel Robert Michael Grazebrook OBE., MC., of the 1st Gloucester Regiment. The blouse is in excellent condition, with no moth damage and a label that reads “battledress blouse 1940 pattern size 9 height 5’7 to 5’8″ ” along with the maker’s mark and a clear date of 1942 with a War Department marking. The Lieutenant Colonel’s white on red sewn insignia is on each epaulette, and a double row of medal ribbons from both WW1 and WW2 is on the upper right breast.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Michael Grazebrook OBE., MC., was commissioned in 1913 to the 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. He landed in France on August 14 and was wounded there in 1914. In 1915, he joined the 2nd Battalion. In 1916, he was awarded the Military Cross for his gallantry and devotion to duty under heavy machine-gun fire. Later that year, he was severely wounded again and sent to instructor officers school. In August 1917, he relinquished his temporary rank of Captain. He rejoined the 1st Battalion in Ireland in August 1919 as the Gloucestershire’s intelligence officer in Cork, a busy time due to the Irish insurrection.

In November 1939, the 1st Battalion arrived in Burma from India, now commanded by Lieutenant Colonel R.M. Grazebrook. He had various other commands throughout the war, retiring on full pay in 1944. In 1951, he was appointed OBE and Honorary Colonel of a territorial unit. He died in January 1965.

This set is listed on Regimentals for £525.

WW2 British Paratrooper Battledress

The outfit in question is a Pattern 40 attire that once belonged to a sergeant of the “Royal Artillery” division, who was attached to the British airborne troops. The jacket, made of brown wool serge, is adorned with several embroidered insignias, including the Royal Artillery title, a parachutist’s certificate denoting four years of service, and a Pegase badge. The left sleeve features a rank of sergeant, three cotton rafters, and a cotton chevron signifying two years of service. The jacket has two flap chest pockets, two shoulder tabs, and closes on the front with five buttons and a metal buckle tightening tab at the waist.

Inside, the jacket has a cotton label with the name of the manufacturer, Albion Ltd Belfast, size 16, and a stamp with the letter “Z,” indicating receipt in 1945. The jacket is in excellent condition, almost new, without any defects. The accompanying trousers, also a model 40, are made of the same brown wool cloth and feature several pockets, including a large thigh pocket on the left side and a smaller high pocket on the right side for an individual dressing. The back flap pocket on the right side completes the pants, and on the belt lining are six brass buttons used to hold a pair of straps, with a stamp indicating the number 6 corresponding to the waist. The original label of the manufacturer, “M.SHORN & SONS LTD.,” is dated 1945 and is located on the top of the pants, on the back left side. All buttons are original and sewn with green bakelite.

Original stitched insignia

This really is a stunning set and not something you come across often. It is listed at Selles Military Antiques for €1,650.

Selles Military Antiques Logo

WW2 British Royal Artillery Battledress

This exceptional piece of military history is a 1940-pattern battledress blouse from the year 1945. Badged to the Royal Artillery, the blouse is in excellent condition, with only a few minor moth nips. Size 10 is considered a large size for the period, making it even more rare and valuable.

Royal Artillery battledress

Accompanying this remarkable piece are various paperwork, all of which are named to the same man, Geoffrey A. Knight of Hoo, Rochester, Kent. The paperwork offers a fascinating insight into the life of the previous owner, adding to the historical value of the piece. Included with the blouse are a pair of original WW2 Royal Artillery shoulder titles, further adding to its authenticity and historical significance.

This lovely set is listed at Vigo Militaria for £225.

Vigo Militaria & Collectables

Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps Battledress

This set includes an original Canadian wool Battledress blouse and trousers from the wartime period, both named to a captain in the Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps. The blouse is dated 1945, size 8, and has yellow embroidered rank stars that signify the captain’s rank, as well as matching RCAPC shoulder titles on each sleeve. The lapels on the blouse have been custom tailored to lay open and flat, which was a common practice among officers for a dressier appearance when worn with a tie. The trousers are also dated 1945 and size 5. This set is in excellent original condition and is a great example of a Canadian-made uniform from the wartime period.

This lovely original example is available from the Visual Collector in the US for $350.
Visual Collector logo

This concludes our browse through some fantastic WW2 battledress uniforms available from across our partner sites. In each case, if you want more photos, check out the link near the price, it will take you to the seller’s website, where you can find more photos and purchase the item, should you be interested.

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