Militaria Collectors References

Here at MilitariaToday we are all about collecting, so here are some useful reference pages to help militaria collectors.

Sadly it is impossible to know everything off the top of your head, we have been collecting a very long time between us and any collectors or dealer worth his salt will tell you, we are all still learning! So as such we decided to put together as many handy reference guides as we could. We will continue to write new ones as and when we think of them and if there is a list you can think of that should be on here, feel free to get in touch.

Click on the image to go to each reference guide.

WW2 German helmet sizes
German Helmet Sizes & Makers Codes – Photo Credits: The Militaria Shop, The Ruptured Duck, IMCS Militaria, CS Militaria


SA Daggar RZM Code M7/30
WW2 era German RZM Codes – Photo credit: IMCS Militaria


WW2 German waffenamts
WW2 German Waffenamt (WaA) Markings & Codes


WW2 iron crosses
German Iron Cross 1st & 2nd Class Maker Marks (EK1 & EK2) – Photo credit: The Militaria Shop