About Us

MilitariaToday is part of a global media group. This site has been created to promote the collecting of all types of military items and we have the ability to present it as news to a worldwide audience. We are a business that is owned and run by collectors – for the benefit of other collectors. It is for that reason we do not charge buyers, sellers, or readers a penny.

On this site you can view items that are available around the world from many of the best dealers in the business – and if you have items from your collection to sell, you can contact us to see if we can feature it in an upcoming post. No matter where you are in the world, there are collectors and dealers who want to sell things and there are collectors and dealers who want to buy things. We put dealers and collectors in touch at zero cost.

We hope to show you some historically interesting and highly collectable items as well as the plain ordinary. Perhaps at the same time we might be able to educate you in areas of collecting you have not thought about before.

Events calendar

We have decided to compile the world’s most extensive militaria show events list. There are several different view and search options and we hope this will help everyone with an interest in militaria to find their nearest fair. We regularly update the list as new dates come out but if you know of a show we have missed, please let us know. We would love to include it. Our future plans include doing the same list with re-enactment events, military vehicle shows, airshows, military auctions, military carboots, etc. Our events list is ever-growing, so it’s worth saving the page to your favourites and keep checking back. 


For many years there had been no one place where collectors could buy and sell their items without someone taking a fee from them. We decided to change that. We have big plans going forward, so subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know. [sibwp_form id=1]

Above all, we hope to inspire everyone to collect more militaria. This is our hobby too, so we take great pride in bringing this site to the greater collecting community.


As with any collecting hobby, militaria has suffered its fair share of fakes and misrepresentation. Where possible, you should obtain guarantees from the vendor. If they are a reputable dealer, you may find that they do this automatically. Ask around on forums, join specialist Facebook pages, ask other collectors and dealers if they have an opinion on an item before committing to buy. Plus we recommend you obtain receipts for your purchases (when possible) and pay via either PayPal or credit card so you have more protection. You should also check out the website and/or the history of a vendor if you can.

Take your time, take advice and do not rush into purchases simply because the item might seem underpriced or a ‘bargain’. This can sadly lead to becoming an easy target for disreputable traders/scammers. This is particularly true of Facebook these days. Many new accounts appear and offer items at a fraction of their value with the premise that they only accept PayPal ‘friends and family’ payment.

We recommend you always pay by PayPal ‘goods and services’ and avoid the ‘friends and family’ option as this means you have no options should the item not arrive or arrive damaged. Sadly with the scammers mentioned above; these people often don’t even own the items. If you paid friends and family, you would sadly lose your money. If you are purchasing through a website and use PayPal checkout, you are automatically protected. This information above is specific to trade outside of a dealer’s website.