Partner Sites

Below is a list of all our partner sites, containing all the dealers – large or small – that we currently work with to bring you MilitariaToday on a day to day basis.

It couldn’t be simpler: our partners give us permission to use their photos and items so we take selected items and promote them on our website and social media. Totally free! It makes for great reading for our visitors and it’s free promotion and exposure for our partners. We also hope it means that collectors get to view a wider variety of items than they would normally do; all in one place.

The below list is in order of joining date, so the partners at the top of the list have been with us right from the start. As you scroll down, you can find our most recent additions. Remember, we are always looking for more partners, so please feel free to get in touch!

The Ruptured Duck Logo
The Ruptured Duck
The Militaria Shop logo
The Militaria Shop
The Collector's Guild
The Collector’s Guild
Cultman Collectables logo
Cultman Collectables
Eagle Relics militaria logo
Eagle Relics
A.R. Militaria
Regimentals logo
VIGO Militaria
Trophies of War logo
Trophies of War
Selles Military Antiques Logo
Selles Military Antiques
The Medal Centre logo
The Medal Centre
Sabre Militaria logo
Sabre Militaria
1944 Supply Logo
1944 Supply
Antiquities of the Reich logo
Antiquities of the Reich
Chelmsford Militaria
Chelmsford Militaria
Battleflag Militaria
Battleflag Militaria
Military Antiques logo
Military Antiques
Relic Militaria Logo
Relic Militaria
Military Tour logo
Military Tour
Military Classic Auction
Military Classic Auction
Olivers Army logo
Olivers Army
Relicorps logo
C&T Auctions logo
C&T Auctions
Clements Militaria
Clements Militaria
Home Front Collection Logo
Home Front Collection
JC Militaria Logo
JC Militaria
Kriegsmarine Plus logo
Kriegsmarine Plus
Chester Medals Logo
Chester Medals
Rocksteady Militaria Logo
Rocksteady Militaria
M&T Militaria logo
M&T Militaria
Michael D. Long Antique Arms and Militaria - Militaria Today
Michael D. Long Antique Arms and Militaria
Saracen exports logo
Saracen Exports
RZM Militaria
RZM Militaria
World Military Collectables.
World Military Collectables
CS Militaria
CS Militaria
Joes Motor Pool logo
Joe’s Motor Pool
Malcolm Wagner Militaria
Malcolm Wagner Militaria
IMCS Militaria logo
IMCS Militaria
Allied Militaria
The Khaki Colonel Logo
The Khaki Colonel
Cinque Ports Militaria logo
Cinque Ports Militaria
The Military Man logo
The Military Man
D&B Militaria logo
D&B Militaria
Relics from the Front logo
Relics from the Front
Para Classics Ltd
Para Classics Ltd
Marvin's Military logo
Marvin’s Military
Checkpoint Militaria logo
Checkpoint Militaria
Askari Medals logo
Askari Medals


War Toys
AAA Army Surplus & Collectables logo
AAA Army Surplus & Collectables
Bexley Medals & Militaria logo
Bexley Medals & Militaria


Britton’s Badges


Alderney Vintage Collectables

Danzig Militaria

Britton at War

Rask Antik Logo

Rask Antik

JM Militaria

JM Militaria

Fighting Irish Militaria
Fighting Irish Militaria


Visual Collector logo

Visual Collector – Tommy Stuff

Soldier of Fortune
WW2 German Daggers
WW1 Medals
AMD Four Wheel Drive
Paratrooper Normandy
Paratrooper in Normandy
Military Antiques Oslo
Military Antiques Oslo
HMS Brinmaric Collectibles
HMS Brinmaric Collectibles
Gingers' Militaria
Gingers’ Militaria
The Quartermaster Ralf Haas
The Quartermaster by Ralf Haas


Do you have items to sell? Dealer or collector; it’s completely free

We love to show items for sale from all around the world, so grab the chance to put your item in front of thousands of potential buyers worldwide.

For dealers with your own website: it couldn’t be easier, so get in touch via [email protected] to express interest, and we will select items from your website to include in our daily posts, and advertise them for free! No work on your part required at all. If you have a social media and/or eBay account, feel free to include these in your e-mail as well. We will tag your social media account whenever your item is included in one of our posts so you can gain even more exposure. Click here to see the list of our current partner sites.

Collectors / sellers with just one or two items to sell: Send us an email to [email protected] with 3-5 clear photos of the item, item description (be as descriptive as possible), location, price and shipping options, and we will shortlist it to be included in upcoming articles. Again, totally free! 

Subject to approval, your item will be seen by tens of thousands of people per week.