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Imperial German Belt Buckles for Sale

Items from WW1 are getting harder and harder to find because after all they are 100+ years old now! This of course also starts to push the prices higher and higher for items in good condition, given their rarity. Today I have been browsing through some Imperial German belt buckles for sale on our partners’ websites for your perusal and there are indeed some really nice and unusual variations to have a look at. 

Grey Metal Prussian Belt Buckle

WW1 Imperial German Army steel belt buckle for sale
Grey steel belt buckle.
WW1 Imperial German Army steel belt buckle for sale
Belt buckle reverse.

Our first item is a steel Prussian belt buckle. The colour is a painted field grey. These buckles were produced from 1916 onwards. Individually die struck from a single piece of steel and has ‘Gott Mit Uns’ inscribed above a crown. This was the Prussian’s motto and you can find it on many items like helmets and caps as well. 

This excellent example is available from CS Militaria – £95.

Bavarian Telegraphist’s Belt Buckle

Telegraphists’ job was to go up telegraph poles and deal with electrical issues. There were not many of them, therefore there was not a large need to make many of these belt buckles, which makes this buckle rather rare. It is a WW1 Bavarian telegraphist’s other ranks belt buckle. The inscription says ‘In Treue Fest’. This means ‘firm in fidelity’ and it was the Bavarian motto, as opposed to Got Mit Uns.

The buckle is wider than standard belt buckles and has front-mounted fittings that telegraphists could attach cables to when working. The materials are brass and white metal. The white metal central badge is lead soldered in place. It is a good, untouched example of this rare buckle.

Bavarian Telegraphist belt buckle for sale
A rare telegraphists’s belt buckle with cable loops on each end.
Imperial German Telegrapher Belt Buckle for Sale
Rear view of the buckle with typical lead soldered elements.

Available from Military Antiques £325.

Saxon Other Ranks Belt Buckle

Inscribed ‘Providentiae Memor’ – meaning ‘remember providence’, this is a Saxonian belt buckle. After being its own kingdom for a long time, and much dispute over lands over many years, Saxony eventually joined Imperial Germany in 1871, but it was part of the Prussian Army from 1867.

This brass belt buckle is an 1895 pattern one, which had two separate parts. The domed face plate is attached to the main body. The buckle measures 47mm x 65mm and it has a slightly curved shape to it. It has a buckle catch on the back, as well as double prongs. There are no markings.

Imperial German Belt Buckle for Sale
Lovely example



Available from The Collector’s Guild for $184 or nearest offer.

Two-piece Imperial Army Belt Buckle

Imperial German Belt Buckle for Sale
Imperial German belt buckle in brass and white metal.
Imperial German Belt Buckle for Sale
Rear showing lead soldering.

An Imperial German army brass belt buckle with two-piece construction in very good condition. It has ‘Gott Mit Uns’ on the white metal badge in the front centre and two prongs on the reverse.
Available from M&T Militaria £80.00.

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