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Battlefield Relics for Sale

Battlefield relic collecting is a huge growth area of our hobby. With prices of the top-end, super rare items flying through the roof, collectors are heading more and more to relics. This, in my opinion, is a great thing. Relics are items that have been there. Not only that, but they have spent up to 100 years in the ground where they had lain since being dropped. So, today we will explore a few of the interesting WW1 & WW2 battlefield relics for sale.

WW2 German Army IF8 Trailer Wheel

WW2 IF8 Trailer Wheel Relic

The WW2 IF8 trailer was a man-portable hand cart that was predominantly designed for getting ammunition and supplies in and around the front line. Of course we are talking short distances here, but it was a very useful item for the German army. This example is a battlefield relic IF8 wheel that, in general, is in good condition. It could do with some further cleaning and, with some luck, could even still be used on a restored trailer.

Available from AR Militaria for £150. Contact Adam for more information and photos.


M16 Helmet from the Somme

M16 Relic Helmet
M16 Helmet recovered from the Somme.

Side view showing battle damage.

Inside view of the helmet showing the frontal damage.

The Battle of the Somme is one of the most famous battles from WW1 and this German helmet was found in that area! On the first day, the British army lost 57,000 soldiers to wounds, fatal or otherwise. It was the bloodiest day in British military history.

Recovered from the battlefield, the helmet remains in solid condition overall (impressive, given it’s over 100 years old) and luckily a previous owner has treated the helmet with a wax to help its preservation. The wax has also helped to bring through a few small sections of the original paintwork.

Available from Vigo Militaria £275.

WW2 German Stick Grenade Rack

Relic M24 Rack
WW2 German Army Stick Grenade carrying rack

This is the internal metal rack for inside of the WW2 German Army stick grenade carrying case. This is a difficult part to find and it fits snugly into the large carrying tin. This particular example is still covered in its original green paint.

This has been exposed to water or a damp climate and that has created the relic condition it retains to this day. The empty M24 grenade boxes are fairly easy to find. The inner rack, however, is very difficult.

Available from CS Militaria in the UK for £175.

WW2 German SS Belt Buckle

ww2 battlefield relic SS buckle
WW2 German SS belt buckle front.

The back showing fastening prongs and makers marks (refer to vendor’s website for unedited photographs).

Belt buckles are a hugely collected area, especially the SS versions. With high numbers of reproductions being made, finding a nice-condition relic is always a good alternative for a collector. This particular example is in overall good condition for a battlefield relic as you can still make out the maker code RSM155/39 and the SS runes. 

Available from The Militaria Shop in the UK for £285.00

The Militaria Shop logo

US Army 105mm Howitzer Cases from Operation Veritable

105mm US Army Shell Cases 
Operation Veritable was a hugely important part in the lead-up to the end of WW2. With the Germans on the back foot, the allied troops had to keep pushing into Germany. The plan was a pincer movement across February and March 1945 heading into Northern Germany. Operation Veritable was the northern part of the pincer.

The battlefield relic cases above are a great relic from that advance. Found in the local area, these 105mm howitzer cases would look great on display. The seller states they are made of brass/copper and will likely clean up much more.

Available from RockSteady Militaria
20.00 each

WW2 German Battlefield Items Recovered in Berlin

Battlefield relic WW2 German items

Here we have a group of items that were recovered from Battle for Berlin. The final days of the war saw many German troops abandon equipment, uniforms, dog tags etc, so they would not be associated with the Wehrmacht. Because of this, battlefield relic hunters find lots of personal items in the areas fought over near the end of the war. 

In this group you will see some Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine pottery, a soldier’s oil bottle, a few cap badge parts and an assortment of buckle & uniform parts. My personal favourite item in there is the police cap badge (top, centre). As the war came to a head, the German police was not a regiment you would want to be associated with! 

Available from Kriegsmarine Plus £85.00.

WWI Imperial German Battlefield Relic Bugle

WWI Imperial German Battlefield pick-up.
Close up of the Guards badge and regimental markings.

This is a well-worn example, and not strictly a battlefield relic, but the history given by the seller is that it was a battlefield find. Well marked J.R.57.07., this bugle was most likely found soon after the battle given it clearly hasn’t spent a lot of time in the ground. But, given the fantastic Prussian guard eagle on the front, it is just a lovely looking item. It comes with its original mouthpiece still intact and attached, plus its attached brass loops for the carrying strap. 

Overall this item has a lot of character, lots of bumps and dents, but that adds to the appeal of any battlefield find.

Available from Regimentals £325.00.
Regimentals Militaria

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