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Luftwaffe Paratrooper Smocks for Sale

Splinter Pattern Paratrooper Smocks For Sale

A Luftwaffe (WW2 German air force) paratrooper ground smock is a true gem in the collection world, and not an item you will find in most people’s collections. They are a fairly rare find, as there are not many surviving original examples left. Following massive casualties on the Eastern Front, the Germans quickly mobilised their Luftwaffe field divisions. When forming these, a need arose for a camouflage field jacket that was cheap and easy to manufacture, and suitable for ground combat. Thus, the three-quarter-length, non-reversible smock was designed and authorised. Production began in late 1942 into 1943. However, by the end of the war 17 out of the 22 units had been disbanded or destroyed due to their poor, rushed training and lack of success in the field. Therefore, not many of their gear survived, including the smocks.

Closed-front Luftwaffe Paratrooper Smock from Regimentals

This is a very collectable and desirable closed-front Luftwaffe paratrooper smock. It has two angled upper pockets with covered flaps, and two lower hidden pockets that also have covered flaps.

WW2 German Paratrooper Smock for Sale
Splinter Pattern Paratrooper Smock
WW2 German Paratrooper Smock for Sale
Smock rear showing the flare pocket.

It has been manufactured in the single-sided Zeltbahn-type splinter camouflage and it has all of its original Riri plastic zips. All but one of the leather zip pullers have shrivelled, which is quite normal given the smock’s age. The remaining section has the leather tab fitted onto the plastic zip puller.

WW2 German Paratrooper Smock for Sale
Smock zips
Buttons & cuffs

All of the original Luftwaffe blue closure buttons and the internal windproof cuffs are intact with their respective male and female closure studs. Some of them are rusty and it is not wise to attempt to open the cuff snaps, as they could damage the rayon cuff material. Given the rarity of such an item, keeping it in pristine condition is a must. 

The exterior closure cuff studs are all present. They are rusty but still operable and they have not rusted into the material surrounding the closure snaps. The original flare pocket holster is in the same camouflage material.

Close-up of the cuff with the rayon lining.
Flare pistol pocket close-up

Both of the rear adjuster snaps are in place – one works easily and the other is slightly rusted. Again, I would advise not to try and open it. Most of the leg-closure snaps are still present and they have surface rust. The smock retains its original grey embroidered Luftwaffe breast eagle. It has the early green backing material, which was originally designed for the plain green smock. There are some areas where the stitching has slightly rotted through with age. Without doubt this has seen service, but there are no obvious repairs, alterations, moth damage or patches.

Interestingly, the interior lining of the flare pocket holster is a camouflage herringbone material, which shows the uses of different types of weave and patterns of camouflage that appeared on individual garments. The armpits’ inner lining is a camouflage material. One armpit has a different shade of camouflage material to the other one. Inside on the upper lining there is a full RB number and size stampings.

Smock interior
Close up of the armpit interior
RB Number and size marks

The internal waist closure cord is in place, but on the lower-inside left leg flap one of the female press studs has rotted and come away from the inner material. Overall, however, this is a superb battle-worn paratrooper smock in excellent condition, and a fantastic piece for a display.

Available from Regimentals £11,500.

Luftwaffe Field Division Tan & Water Pattern Camouflage Tarnjacke from The Collector’s Guild

Tan & Water Camouflage Smock for sale
Tan & Water Camouflage Smock

Waterproofed cotton duck is the main material of this non-reversible, three-quarter-length jacket. The printed tan & water camouflage pattern uses shades of tans, browns and greens to the exterior and tan for the interior. This jacket has five buttons at the front and a single metal hook-and-eye at the neck. There are two horizontal slash-type hip pockets, each with a straight-edged button-down flap. The side panels on the waistline each have five vertically aligned and stitched eyelets used for the belt support hooks. Plus the armpit ventilation and under arm holes are all present and in good condition.

Rear view
Inside showing the different materials used on manufacture

The jacket is in overall good used condition which is particularly difficult to find in Luftwaffe smocks. On the reverse of the collar you have the classic German uniform zig zag pattern stitching. Interestingly, on the inside there is no lining in this smock, which is correct. You can see the total construction of the external pockets due to this . On one of the pockets you can find a very well stamped Rb number as well as the size markings. Measuring the jacket today it would seem to fit around a 38.5 inch chest (96cm).

RB Numbers – this information indicates the manufacturer and size of the smock.

Available from The Collector’s Guild  $3,689.

Luftwaffe Paratrooper’s Smock

Luftwaffe paratrooper smock for sale

Now onto another very rare example. This smock is manufactured in the “Sumpfmuster” camouflage and is what collectors know as the “hard edge” pattern. The para smock is in very good overall condition and the material remains soft to the touch. It has clearly been used and in places you will see some minor discolouration, but there’s no actual damage to the item.

All the accessories on the smock are intact and the buttons and zippers all function as originally intended. The zips are all marked “Rapid”. Even all of the poppers are still useable and intact, which is nice to find. They are all marked “PRYM” and again, this is correct for this pattern of smock. 

Luftwaffe paratrooper smock eagle
The smock has a machine embroidered breast eagle in white over green. It has been very neatly zigzag stitched directly onto the smock.
Paratrooper combat smock WW2
The inside is unlined and the manufacturer has used off white coloured cloth for the pocket reinforcements etc. 
Rear flare gun pocket
German smock markings
Inside the upper left the smock is RB numbered and it is also clearly dated 8/44.

Overall this very rare piece is in fantastic condition and could be added to your collection! Available today for sale by The Ruptured Duck for $10,500.

Luftwaffe Ground Troops Smock

Luftwaffe ground troops smock for sale

Finally today we have another rare variation of smock. This is the Luftwaffe ground troops smock which uses the splinter pattern camouflage flecked material. The fleck material was still widely available towards the end of the war, so for this pattern of ground smock, they simply printed over it. This smock is a fairly average size and comes complete with all of its buttons, neck closure and cuff “PRYM” marked press studs which match the Luftwaffe paratroopers smock we looked at above.

PRYM Marked poppers
PRYM marked poppers
Luftwaffe buttons
Original blue sewn on buttons
Luftwaffe Ground Troops Smock rear

Overall the smock is in a nice used condition. It is not mint condition out of a factory, nor is it tatty. It shows the right signs of having been actively used during WW2. There’s some fraying to the cuffs and a repair in the rear of the smock, plus some small bits of damage around and about. But they all add to the history of such an item. It has also had an eagle sewn on it at some point; this can be seen on the front left breast where the stitching has been removed. Then finally you have a nice clear set of maker’s marks and sizing on the inside pocket. 

Available from Regimentals  £3,125

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