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Militaria for Sale at Malvern UK – October 2022

Militaria shows make up a huge part of the collecting world. They are the place to meet other collectors, get to know the dealers and most importantly, they are the place to do deals and handle items before you buy them. We took the opportunity this month to visit the Malvern Militaria Fair in the UK (October 2022), where we photographed some great items for sale to share with you.

Malvern always offers a great selection of militaria from modern surplus to victorian belt buckles – all the way up to a suit of armour on one stall! The rain made the Sunday morning a bit more chaotic than normal, but once we were in the building, it was wall to wall full of traders selling militaria and related items. We set about hunting down some interesting pieces; some coming from our partner sites and it also meant we were able to gather together some interesting items from other sellers who have no online presence.

Staffordshire Regiment WW1-era Dress Tunic – Victoria Cross Winner

Immediately we were drawn to this stunning jacket hanging at the back of a stall. The quality of the epaulettes, the collar and the overall condition caught our eye. It is fitted out with Staffordshire regiment buttons and bullion Staffordshire knots on the collar.

After asking the seller a few questions, we were handed a packet containing more information. The jacket can be loosely attributed to a Victoria cross winner from WW1. The set comes with photographs and a newspaper cutting, plus information put together during research at a museum. Overall, it is a fascinating set being sold by World Military Collectables for £285. It isn’t on their website yet but you can contact the seller directly if you’re interested in this item.

Victoria cross winner jacket for sale
The captain’s pips are intact and surrounded by a quality bullion epaulette.
Vitoria cross paperwork for sale
The set comes with a couple of photos and some more information.

WW2 German Luftwaffe and SS Helmets for sale

Helmets are one of the most-collected items and there was a huge selection available at Malvern. You were guaranteed to find some sitting on most of the stalls! One trader had some shelving hidden away at the back of his stall with a mixture of helmets and amongst them we found this lovely condition semi-relic SS helmet. The decal is around 30-40% still intact, but is clearly SS and the overall helmet has some of its original paint remaining. It was up for sale at £400.

SS helmet for sale
This M42 helmet is in good solid condition.
SS helmet for sale
The interior shows signs of rust that has been cleaned away.

The seller, Ed, also had this M35 double-decal Luftwaffe helmet in lovely condition. The decals are well worn but the original finish remains intact. Like many M35 helmets, it had been reissued a few times, shown by the multiple layers of paint and is complete with an original liner and chinstrap. We picked this helmet out from many others at the show because of the price. At £600 this is a bargain in today’s market. For more information you can call the vendor on (+44) 7398 160811. Ed is not an online seller, so shipping may not be possible; however, he does attend many of the UK’s southern shows. To see the uncensored photos, you can e-mail us at [email protected]

M35 double decal Luftwaffe helmet for sale
The Luftwaffe eagle is still visible from under later reissued paintwork.
M35 double decal Luftwaffe helmet for sale
The tricolour state shield is 75% visible.
M35 double decal Luftwaffe helmet for sale
The liner and chinstrap are in great shape.

WW2 German Veterinary Equipment Box

Up next, we stumbled onto an unusual item that had recently come over to the UK from South West France. The seller, Richard, had found this box in a barn earlier this summer. He specialises in items found in the south-western regions of France and had a large selection of boxes, jerrycans and general equipment from the area on his stall. We see a lot of standard German equipment, but veterinary equipment is harder to find. It was listed for sale for £150. For more information please contact Richard at [email protected].

WW2 German Vet box for sale
The box is well marked on the top.
WW2 German Vet box for sale
The inner separation trays remain in place but they could do with a clean.
WW2 German Vet box for sale
The labels are still intact and all the hinges work relatively well given their age.
WW2 German Vet box for sale
Still fitted inside is some form of hose….. We don’t want to know where it has been.

US Army Signal Corps Radio Receiver

Staying with the big, heavy items for a moment, we stumbled onto this piece of US equipment. Radios are widely collected, but they can be heavy, so picking them up at a show can be a cost-saving way to do it. Instead of paying a fortune for postage, at a show you can just throw heavy items in the back of the car and you are away!

Dealer Craig has this radio receiver in nice condition for sale for £180. The best part is that it is still in its original cardboard transport box and comes with some extra cables and parts as well. Craig doesn’t have an online store, but he does have a physical bricks and mortar store in Kidderminster, England. For more information you can contact him via [email protected].

US Signal Corps Radio Receiver For Sale
The box is worn, but very well marked.
US Signal Corps Radio Receiver For Sale
The actual receiver itself is in great shape and fitted to the box.
US Signal Corps Radio Receiver For Sale
Although the box is torn, it retains the extra padding at each end to protect the receiver. Plus it has a couple of extra bits on the bottom of the box.

WW1 British Webley Mk6 Holster & German 1938 Dated Battery Box

We finish with a couple of items from one of our partner sites, James at Chelmsford Militaria who attends most of the Southern UK shows and even organises Chatham and Military Odyssey! As with many sellers, there are a lot of items that do not make it onto his website – another reason that it pays to attend shows in person.

The first item is this lovely Mk6 Webley holster. Made for an officer with leather fixtures and a white subdued leather overall finish, this very early holster is in fantastic condition for its age. It is a rare piece to find in good condition. Offered for sale at £195, you can contact Chelmsford Militaria for more details.

Mk6 Webley holster for sale
A canvas outer and leather inner parts make up this officer’s holster.
Mk6 Webley holster for sale
The holster is for an officer’s Mk6 Webley pistol.

The second item is a WW2 German battery transport case that could be attached to the belt. In amazing condition and beautifully 1938 dated, this pouch is up for sale for £195. Although it isn’t currently listed on their website, it is available to be posted.

WW2 German battery case for sale
It is in pristine overall condition.
WW2 German battery case for sale
The maker’s mark, 1938 date and waffenamp stamp are very crisp and clear on the side.

Malvern October 2022 Roundup

Between us all at MilitariaToday we don’t think we have ever missed a Malvern show, and it always pays dividends. It is a consistently well-organised fair that brings in quality items from all over the country, and this time was no different. So thank you to Amanda and Graham for organising it, and we look forward to Stoneleigh in the new year!

Large Hauls!

A couple of our partner sites have posted their purchase photos from the Malvern show on their social media pages.

A.R. Militaria made it home from Malvern with a great mix of new items to be listed onto his page – CLICK HERE to follow his Facebook. He always has a great selection of items from varied periods.

AR Militaria Bulk Buy for sale
Excellent haul!

The Militaria Shop posted their haul of 100+ helmets and assorted gear, all from the Malvern show. It just goes to show that is pays to visit fairs in person. CLICK HERE to follow The Militaria Shop on Facebook.

Bulk helmets for sale
You don’t often see this many helmets in one place!

Did you get any great bargains at Malvern or any other show?

Feel free to get in touch, we love talking about militaria and promoting shows – little or large. If it’s an interesting item, we want to share it with the world!

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