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German WW2 Relic Helmets for Sale

Here at MilitariaToday, we love relics, always have. The last 10-15 years have seen the increase in prices across the whole of the militaria world and as such, the interest in relic items has soared. They offer a chance to pick up truly historical items at great bargain prices. So today we will be browsing some lovely WW2 German relic helmets for sale across our partner sites.

M38 Fallschirmjäger Paratrooper Helmet

Paratrooper helmets are very very tough to find in any condition, but relics are more available on the market. This relic is available in Holland from Rocksteady Militaria and it is in good solid condition with a couple of areas where it has rusted through. Some may recall, around 10 years ago hundreds of fallschirmjäger helmets came to light in this kind of condition. However, they are increasingly rare to find again these days. This relic is currently listed for €800.

fallschirmjäger m38 helmet for sale
It is in good, solid shape and likely could clean up a little more.
fallschirmjäger m38 helmet for sale
On one side it has rusted through in a couple of places.
fallschirmjäger m38 helmet for sale
Internally, the helmet is a little rustier but could be cleaned up further.

Rocksteady Militaria Logo

Blast Damaged M35 Double Decal Relic Helmet

A nice early war helmet that has had a severe life, this WW2 German helmet has been crushed from one side. This is something that is very difficult to do, but it also has a blast crack to the top so it probably had quite a large blow to it. To me, this gives a helmet real character; you know this helmet has seen combat. It retains a lot of its original paintwork, as well as both decals. The eagle is sadly gone; however, the tricolour is still visible clearly. It is currently listed for sale for £145 from The Militaria Shop in the UK.

Relic double decal helmet for sale
The tricolour on the right side is still visible with lots of its original paintwork.
Relic double decal helmet for sale
The shape of the helmet has been crushed.
Relic double decal helmet for sale
The tricolour shield on the right of the helmet is correct for either a Wehrmacht or a Luftwaffe helmet.

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M42 German Combat Helmet

This helmet was found in the Kurland pocket in Latvia and retains a lot of its original paintwork. Unlike a lot of the other helmets on this list, this is a late war helmet without a decal, but based on the paintwork, is most likely a Wehrmacht helmet. Kurland has always been a hot bed of relic finds. This is mainly due to the volume of casualties in late 1944 and early 1945 but also due to the amount of soldiers who surrendered and just abandoned their gear. It is an interesting part of the history of WW2. This helmet is currently for sale from A.R.Militaria in the UK for £160.

WW2 Relic German Helmet for Sale
The helmet retains most of its original paintwork.
WW2 Relic German Helmet for Sale
With some more cleaning, this helmet could come up with even more paint!
WW2 Relic German Helmet for Sale
Internally the liner band is still intact, as well as a small section of the chinstrap.


Semi-Relic M42 Single Decal Combat Helmet

Leaning slightly outside of relics into the borderline sector. These are helmets that could have been buried in the ground at some point, but have been out of the ground for many years. Either that, or have been left in a damp area for a while. This leads to helmets getting a bit rusty and taking away some of the original finish.

This helmet has also had an interesting life. A single decal army helmet produced after 1942, this helmet has had a serious explosion nearby at some point that has left its mark on the roof of the helmet. It retains its original liner and chinstrap in well-worn condition and a lot of its original exterior paint. It is currently listed for sale from The Collector’s Guild in the USA for a list price of $895.

M42 German Single Decal Helmet for sale
The decal is 70% intact and a great looking helmet all around.
M42 German Single Decal Helmet for sale
From above you can see the blast damage that has occurred near this helmet.
M42 German Single Decal Helmet for sale
The liner and chinstrap are a little worn and tatty but original to the helmet which is a great find!

The Collector's Guild


Luftwaffe Camouflaged Battlefield Relic

Sticking with the semi-relic items for one more item. This helmet has serious history. Not only is it a beautifully camouflaged helmet with a classic Luftwaffe decal, but it also has a ‘through-and-through’ bullet hole. This is not something you see too often, let alone on a stunner of a helmet like this one. It is currently listed for sale for £1,850 in the UK from Regimentals.

WW2 Luftwaffe Camouflaged helmet for sale
This stunning two-tone camo helmet is a fantastic helmet to look at.
WW2 Luftwaffe Camouflaged helmet for sale
The Luftwaffe decal remains in good overall condition under the camouflaged paintwork.
ww2 helmet bullet hole
This is the bullet exit hole, which has peeled open the steelwork.
WW2 Luftwaffe Camouflaged helmet for sale
View from underneath

Regimentals Militaria

German M40 Single Decal Helmet Relic

Finally on today’s post we have another single decal helmet, but this helmet has that extra bit of history. It is named to a soldier called Rentzsch on the inside rear skirt, and the helmet has the remnants of winter camouflage, which fits with it being found in the Kurland pocket area. The Germans lost a lot of men and equipment in this region. It is currently listed for £195 in the UK from Vigo Militaria & Collectables.

M42 Single decal named helmet for sale

M42 Single decal named helmet for sale
Named in the rear to a ‘Rentzch’.

Thank you for reading this relic helmet post. For more helmets for sale CLICK HERE.

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