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UN Korean War Medals for Sale

The Korean War started in 1950 and lasted for three years, during which time there were over 3 million people killed and it saw virtually all of the Korean cities being destroyed. Millions of North Koreans fled the country and the United Nations sent in around 90% of the military personnel on the ground.

For many collectors today, the Korean War is overshadowed by the events of WW2 not long before, and soon after it was quickly forgotten following the Vietnam War, which was a war very much conducted in the spotlight of the media. Nonetheless, the combat endured by UN forces in Korea was just as brutal and hard for the soldiers involved.

The troops on the ground came from twenty-one different countries of the United Nations and they all contributed to the combat force. Every country issued their troops some form of Korean service medals for their service. Of those troops, the USA provided approximately 90% of the military personnel. Sadly some 36,000 did not return home.

The medals that were issued vary hugely depending upon the time served, the soldier’s country of origin, as well as the unit they joined. As with any medals issued, Korean service medals also range from single service medals all the way up to more interesting groups. And whilst many are still inexpensive, they are appreciating collectables to watch in the future.

Today we are taking a look at some of these Korean War medals for sale via our partner sites.

Group of 5 Korean War service medals

First up is this group of 5 medals issued to a veteran of the Korean War. They were issued to an Australian serving with the 3rd Battalion of The Royal Australian infantry Corps.

The medal group consists of an Active Service Medal, Korean Campaign Medal, UN Korea medal, Australian Korean Service Medal (authorised in 2017) and the group also includes the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal – as well as a miniature with its ribbon bar and the original case.

The recipient was Private Norman Walter Grose, who served with the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Australian infantry Corps from July 1952 to June 1953 and he had 330 days of service.

The group is priced at $790.00 AUS from AAA Army Surplus & Collectables in Australia.

Korean War Medals Australian for sale
Images: AAA Army Surplus & Collectables
Mounting bar for Korean War Medals.
Rear view showing the mounting bar.
Korean War Medals naming on the edge.
Close-up of the medal naming.
medal and miniature Korean Ambassador for Peace
Boxed medal and miniature Korean Ambassador for Peace medal.
Original Korean War medal certificate for sale
The group comes with this Department of Veterans Affairs – Korean War Service certificate.

AAA Army Surplus & Collectables logo

Group of 4 Medals, including 2 Korean War Medals

Chester Medals have this group of four British Army service medals for sale which include two Korean War service medals – a General Service Medal (1962-2007) with a Borneo clasp, and a British Army Long Service Good Conduct medal, both have Queen Elizabeth II on them, as well as the Korea Medal that was issued to British and Commonwealth troops (the one with yellow and blue striped ribbon). The other Koren medal (with thin white and blue stripes) was issued to UN troops.

These medals were awarded to Warrant Officer Class 2 R.J.S. Batchelor of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).  All are in very fine condition and priced at £295.

australian Korean war medals, un korean medal for sale
A group of 4 including 2 Korean War service medals. Image: Chester Medals

Chester Medals Logo

Group of 3 Medals, including 2 Korean Service Medals

This group of 3 medals includes a Queen’s Korean Medal, UN Korean War Medal and a General Service Medal (1962) with a Borneo bar.

The medals are in good condition and they were issued to Warrant Officer 2nd Class J.A. Matty of the Royal Artillery.

They are available from Cultman Collectables priced at £235.

Queen's Korea Medal for sale
Images: Cultman Collectables
Close-up of Korean medal named
Close-up of the Queen’s Korea Medal naming on the edge.
Korea Medal group for sale
The rear view shows the original mounting bar.

Cultman Collectables logo

Korean War Pair Issued to a Member of the Royal Signals

Even the simple unremarkable looking medals can offer a number of research opportunities. This pair of Korean War medals were awarded to Signalman G.R Curtis of the Royal Signals – and they have not been researched.

They are mounted for wear and priced at £125 from Bexley Medals & Militaria

British korean War medal pair.
Images: Bexley Medals & Militaria
British korean War medals rear view.
Rear view with mounting bar.

Bexley Medals & Militaria

British Korean Medal Pair

Next up are a British Army British Korea Medal and a United Nations Medal pair which were awarded to Fusilier W.E. Slack serving with the British Army, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

He is recorded as having been wounded in Kang-Dong during the battle on the 3rd of January 1951. The medals are sold with a copy of the Regimental magazine and a casualty roll, both of which detail the casualty information.

They are in NEF (Nearly Extremely Fine) condition and for sale from The Medal Centre priced at £325.

Korean medal pair Lancashire Fusiliers for sale
Korean medal pair issued to a member of the Lancashire Fusiliers. Image: The Medal Centre

The Medal Centre Logo

Large Group of Woman’s Korea Medals and Awards

This outstanding Korea and Vietnam group includes boxed medals, citations, and even a desk plaque – all issued to Lieutenant Colonel Alice Long who served with the US Women’s Army Corp.

The group includes a certificate and boxed bronze star, 2 Legion of Merit medals, one of which has an oak leaf cluster. There is a a 1967 WAC wall plaque for Korea and another plaque which is dated 30th of May 1972 along with a Vietnam Service Medal.

The collection has not been researched so it presents a great opportunity to expand on the history of this woman. The complete group is for sale from JC Militaria price at £1,250.

Woman's Korean War and Vietnam service medals for sale
Interesting Korean War Medal and plaque group. Images: JC Militaria
Korean War and Vietnam service certificates and awards.
Both Korean War and Vietnam service certificates.
US Korean War Medal and plaque group for sale
A substantial Korean War and Vietnam group which includes plaques and certificates to an officer in the WAC.

JC Militaria Logo

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