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Imperial German Army Equipment for Sale

Collecting Imperial German Army Equipment

In recent years there has been an increase in interest in the First World War across all collecting areas. As the internet and online auctions bring out more and more good quality items – either from old collections or from family members selling off long-held souvenirs – the market has never been so buoyant. Some items that had previously never seen the outside of a personal collection are starting to move around collecting circles now.

Inevitably, combat items that are over 100 years old will show wear and tear commensurate with the life they have lived. For some, this adds charm and inevitably brings up the question “if only this could talk’… If you visit a collector and talk about their collection, you will probably find the conversation turns towards items which have been involved in a particular action, associated with a famous personality or a particular phase of a war.

There are not many more emotive subjects than the First World War and especially items which could have been used during trench warfare. Below are a number which may have been carried by members of the Imperial German Army during that time.

A rare WWI German M16 / M17 / M18 helmet brow plate

This WW1 Imperial German M16, M17 & M18 helmet brow frontal plate is a stunning example of a rarely found trench warfare piece. It was even featured in Oliver Lock’s book Stahlschutzhelme 1915-1918 (pages 126/127).

It retains a large amount of its original paint finish on both the inside and outside surfaces. There is a clear manufacturer’s mark of “RV” – most probably representing Rochling’Schen Eisen Und Stahlwerke – Volklgen.

There is an expected degree of rust bleed through the paint – but the finish remains clean. It is available from Regimentals and priced at £1,950.

WW1 German helmet brow plate for sale
This brow plate even featured in Oliver Lock’s book.
first world war german helmet brow plate
It has an overall nice patina to the paint.
RV 2 4 helmet brow plate markings
Close-up of the stamped manufacturer’s markings. Images: Regimentals.

Regimentals Militaria

A pair of WW1 German Army field glasses in a leather case

Next we have this good, complete pair of Imperial German Army field glasses, with their original case. The binoculars have their original neck strap and retain all their original period field grey paint. They come in their original brown leather pouch with riveted fittings and instructions inside the lid. The case also has the belt loops and all the fittings still remaining.

Even though this style of binoculars was widely issued to officers and also machine gun crews, it is difficult to find a pair that is this complete. Often the case and/or the straps are missing. It was manufactured by C. P. Goerz in Berlin.

Available from Military Antiques priced at £285.

WW1 German Field Glasses for sale
WW1 German Army field glasses in case of issue.
ww1 German binoculars for sale
Inside of the case lid has the manufacturer’s instructions in place. Images: Military Antiques

A 1915 German Army Fur Pack

This is a good example of a 1888-model German Army pony fur backpack. It is 1915 dated and regimentally marked on the shoulder strap. This type of pack was used a lot throughout the First World War by German soldiers. While a number of different models exist, this is one of the earlier ones.

A large percentage of the original fur remains on the front and back and it is possible that it has had a wartime replacement to one of the shoulder straps, as they differ fractionally. One of the straps has a Berlin maker’s mark and date of 1915 as well as being regimentally stamped BAG 3 G.R.

Available from CS Militaria £195.00.

WW1 German fur pack for sale
The exterior retains much of the pony fur covering.
First world war German backpack
Images: CS Militaria

WW1 German Army Drum Hanger

This very decorative imperial German Army eagle drum hanger was manufactured in brass. It has an original soft and pliable leather strap. The swivel works very well and the eagle is highly detailed.

This hanger is available from Sabre Militaria  AUS $170.00.

WW1 German drum hanger for sale
The very decorative drum hanger front.
WW1 German drum hanger for sale
Drum Hanger rear showing how it has been cast.
WW1 German drum hanger for sale
Close-up of the swivel shows age and usage wear. Images: Sabre Militaria

Imperial German Guard Regimental Bugle

This bugle is quite battered and field used. It is all brass with nickel fittings and it was for a Guard unit of the Imperial German army.

There is a large Prussian Eagle Guards insignia within an oval plaque in the trumpet area. The maker’s details are clear and it is dated 1915. Although the mouthpiece is missing, it comes complete with an original red cord wrapping.

It is available from Regimentals for £325.

Imperial German Guard Regimental Bugle for sale
Imperial German Guard Regimental Bugle and cord.
WW1 German Bugle for Sale
The original red cord is still wrapped around the handle.
A close-up of the Prussian eagle, with maker’s mark and date beneath. Images: Regimentals

Regimentals Militaria

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