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WW2 Jeep in a Box for $50

Do you want to buy a Jeep in a box for $50 ?

We have all heard the rumours of a ‘Jeep in a box” that you could purchase after WW2 for only $50. And over the years the story has become a piece of military folklore.

In the years after WW2 there were adverts stating that you simply had to send $20 to obtain a “great deal” on a military Jeep.  Of course it was a scam and you received a leaflet telling you how to apply for Jeeps being sold in Government auctions.  The same paperwork could be obtained for nothing directly from the auction. Thankfully most people today would recognise adverts like that as phoney and stay well clear – but 70 years ago it was a tempting proposition.

Although around 648,000 Ford and Willys Jeeps were built during the Second World War, there are nowhere near that number on the road today. Over time collectors have searched for that elusive “barn find” vehicle to restore, or they have tinkered with ageing classics. Some have chosen to buy a brand new “WW2 Jeep” made with all new parts. That way you have a vehicle that looks identical to an original in every way, but with modern technology and running gear.

Or you can simply admire the people who have spent their time and money restoring their jeep at a local show.

All options are open to Jeep fans today and even if you do not have a Jeep-sized budget, you might want to own a small accessory or part to add to your collection.

In this article we focus on some Jeep-related items for sale from some of our partner websites.

First up is a complete WW2 Jeep which is ideal for a restorer.

If you are looking for a project Jeep then this early scripted Ford GPW might be the one for you. With a T84 transmission, it has original wartime axles, 5 combat rims and a straight set of bodywork with a minimum amount of rust.

Dating from April 1942, this Jeep has the barn found feel people are looking for – and it could be the basis for a great home restoration.

It is priced at £13,000 and available from AMD Four Wheel Drive.

1942 Ford GPW Jeep for sale.
This 1942 dated Ford GPW is a great restoration base vehicle.
WW2 Jeep floor pan.
Close up of the floor area.
Ford Jeep emblem.
Close up of the Ford emblem.
1942 Ford GPW Jeep for sale.
Restoration skills will be needed, but the basics are there for the restorer to get to work.

Parts for your project…

If you do buy a project Jeep and you need some well-engineered body parts, then Joe’s Motor Pool are able to supply most of what you might need. They are based in Weston-super-Mare in the UK and have a team of in-house designers and engineers using state of the art presses, laser cutters and metal presses.

This full set is available to replace the back-end of your Jeep and the kit includes: rear panel gussets, wheel house brass, rear quarter panels, wheel house, shock absorber covers, riser and rear panel. All to be sent out on a pallet to your door.

Available from Joe’s Motor Pool priced at £2,000.

WW2 Jeep rear panel.
Rear panel view.
This is manufactured in the UK to exacting standards.
Manufactured in the UK to exacting standards.
Internal view of the rear panel for a WW2 Jeep.
Internal view of the rear panel.
WW2 Willys jeep rear rear panel.
Rear panel with WILLY’S lettering embossed into the metal.

Joes Motor Pool logo

New Old Stock Jeep Parts

The term New Old Stock or NOS refers to an item which is original, but has never been used or issued by the Government. It applies to many areas of collecting, and it is used by vendors to refer to vehicle parts which are unused and are still in their original wrapping.

This ‘NOS’ Jeep Oil Pump Repair Kit has not been opened and is still wrapped in greaseproof paper and comes in the original Ford box. It is for sale from Saracen Exports priced at £50.

Jeep NOS Oil Pump repair kit, in original “Ford” box - WW2
WW2 Ford Jeep NOS Oil Pump repair kit, in original “Ford” box and greaseproof paper.
WW2 - Jeep NOS Oil Pump repair kit, in original “Ford” box
Close up of the part reference number.

saracen exports logo

Accessories for your Jeep

There are so many accessories on the market that within reason most of them are readily available. One of the most recognisable items carried on the back of every Jeep was the “Jerrycan”. Manufactured from pressed steel, they were originally created by the German military in the 1930s and used for carrying 20 litres of fuel. It was subsequently copied by the Allies and issued in vast quantities throughout the war – which is one reason why so many originals exist today.

This combat-used condition US Army Jerrycan is dated 1945 and for sale from The Militaria Shop priced at £62.

Side view of a US Army jerrycan.
Side view of the US Army can with the strengthening X on each side.
US Army Jerrycan filling cap.
WW2 US Army Jerrycan filler cap.
WW2 US Army Jerrycan.
The view of the US Army can base has the makers details and the 1945 date.

The Militaria Shop logo

British Army 1944 Jerrycan

This example of a wartime Jerrycan was made for the British Army and marked for carrying water. It was manufactured by the Briggs Motor Bodies Company (BMB) who were a large fabrication company working on contracts for the Government. They are know amongst helmet collectors as a producer of combat helmets, but they also manufactured Jerrycans for fuel and water.

This 1944 dated WATER variation is one of the harder ones to find and it has the BMB initials, 1944 date and the War Department Broad Arrow on the side.

It is priced at $150 and available from Visual Collector.

WW2 British Army Water can.
Side view of the British water can. It has the WD Arrow, 1944 date and the maker’s initials BMB.
WW2 rear view of the water can.
Rear view has the strengthening X but no other details except the word WATER.
WW2 Water Can filler.
View of the British WW2 water can filler, which is the same as the fuel one.

Visual Collector logo

A Garand Rifle Sleeve for the Jeep

An accessory often seen on wartime Jeeps was the rifle sleeve. It was designed without a top to allow easy access to the weapon in a hurry. US troops travelling in a Jeep could carry both the M1 Carbine and the Garand Rifle so the appropriate weapons sleeve would be attached to the exterior of the vehicle.

This Garand Rifle carrying case is for sale from Military Tour and priced at $225.

WW2 M1 Garand carrier.
The rifle sleeve us shown here with rifle in situ. It is not included in the sale.
WW2 Garand rifle carrier.
Front and back of the carrier.

WW2 Garand rifle vehicle carrier dated 1941.

1943 M1 Garand makers stamp.
Close up of the US property mark, maker’s stamp and 1943 date.

Military Tour logo

Something to wear when you are driving your Jeep

Inevitably when you are driving your Jeep, you will want to stay warm. Why not think about buying an original WW2 US Army Mackinaw Coat? Also known as a “Jeep jacket”, this Size 36 example is dated 1941 and maker marked J. Rissman & Son.

It is priced at £165 from Battle Flag Militaria

WW2 US Army Jeep Jacket 1941
Front view of a WW2 US Army Jeep Jacket.
WW2 US Army Jeep Jacket - 1941 dated.
Rear view for the jacket shows the integral belt.
WW2 Jeep Jacket interior.
The internal view showing the liner which was added for warmth.
Close up of a WW2 Jeep jacket label.
Close-up of the manufacture’s label.

Battleflag Militaria

And finally… you will need a Jeep cap

Original WW2 era US Jeep caps are not easy to find and they may not now be up to the job of regular modern wear. With that in mind, you can pick up a historically accurate reproduction M1941 US Army Jeep Cap from Soldier of Fortune – priced at £10.

WW2 US Army M41 Jeep Cap
A historically accurate US Army M41 Jeep Cap.
M41 US Army Jeep Cap.
View of the top showing the intricate stitching.

Are you interested in seeing some some WW2 paperwork ? CLICK HERE

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