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WW2 German Postcards & Stamps for Sale -
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WW2 German Postcards & Stamps for Sale

Even during WW2, life went on for people. They continued doing their day-to-day activities as best as they could and this included sending letters and postcards to their loved ones. Phones were still not particularly common especially amongst the poor, so postal communication was popular. Soldiers and prisoners of war also sent word back home whenever they could, to ease their family’s worry.

Stamps are highly collectible items anyway, and when it comes to WW2-era – and particularly German – this is especially true. Most WW2 stamps and postcards are fairly inexpensive to buy, so they are great things to start your collecting journey with. Here, we have gathered a selection of WW2 German postcards & stamps for sale from a few of our partnered websites.

100 Pfennig Airmail Stamp

First up are these stamps from 1934 that depict an eagle flying over a globe. These stamps were specifically used for the Luftpost or Airmail. They made a few different varieties depending on the value; much like today’s stamps. These examples are the black, 100 Pfennig (penny) stamps. The seller is also selling the green, 50 Pfennig variation on a different listing. All of these ones for sale have been posted.

For sale from The Militaria Shop for £4.00 each.

1934 100 Pfennig Luftposte Airmail stamp for sale
The stamps have been used.
1934 100 Pfennig Luftposte Airmail stamp for sale
The back of one of the stamps

The Miltiaria Shop logo

Occupied Poland 1 Zł Stamps

Similar, but slightly different are these 1 Zł (Zloty) stamps. These are in mint, unissued condition and are from German-occupied Poland. Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and the occupation lasted until 1945. So these stamps are from this time period. They depict the Third Reich eagle and say Generalgouvernement (General Government) above, and Stempelmarke (stamp mark) below the eagle.

Available from Military Tour for $4.99 each but there is a discount for multiples. 10 stamps are $24.99 so a substantial saving if you purchase more.

ww2 German Polish 1 zloty stamps for sale
The stamps are in mint condition.

Military Tour logo

Czech – German WW2 Stamp Album

Staying with stamps a little longer; this collection is quite impressive! It is from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, which were basically German-occupied Czech territories during WW2. Therefore, the wording in the album is all in Czech.

It is a designated stamp collector album (Album Poštovních Známek) with each category and year nicely typed out above the stamps. So someone has already done all the work for you! All the stamps are unmounted and in mint condition. It definitely looks like the album is period done, which makes it all the more interesting. All in all there are 559 stamps on 29 pages, so the price per stamp is quite low, if someone wanted to split them up for individual resale. And there are some quite interesting pieces in the collection.

Available from RZMilitaria for £275.

WW2 czech album postovnich znamek stamp collecting album for sale
The album appears to be period done.
ww2 hitler stamps for sale
There is a full collection of Hitler stamps inside, amongst many others.
ww2 german stamps for sale
The dates and categories are above each stamp.

RZM Militaria

Prisoner of War Envelope and Mugshots

Both sides took countless prisoners of war during WW2. However, with the German Reich taking up most of Central Europe, the Allied forces had to transport their prisoners elsewhere. Britain was rather small and not entirely up to the task of housing hundreds of thousands of German prisoners. So many were shipped to the US instead. There were several hundred prison camps set up all over the country.

One of these camps was the Atlanta Prisoner of War Camp in Nebraska. This PoW seems to have spent some time there. The envelope is addressed to a Walter Brinkmann and dated 14th of February 1945. His mugshot is also included. Interestingly – and understandably – both sides opened the letter before Brinkmann could receive his own post. There is a piece of tape with a German eagle stamp and the word geöffnet (opened) next to it, as well as a US.Censor stamp on another piece of tape on the other end of the envelope.

This set is worthy of some research, and it’s at an affordable price of £40 from Antiquities of the Reich.

ww2 German PoW Prisoner of War envelope and mugshot for sale
Both sides of the envelope were opened and resealed by the authorities.

Antiquities of the Reich logo

U33 Postcard

Our last item for today is this posted postcard depicting the German submarine U-33. This sub is historically important, mainly because when the U-boat was sunk, the British forces managed to capture the rotors from its Enigma machine. This meant that they had a much better chance of cracking the code of the Enigma machine specifically used by the Kriegsmarine and could therefore intercept secret messages sent by the German navy.

The postcard was sent on the 12th of December 1940, only months after the U-33 was sunk on the 12th of February 1940.

Available from Kriegsmarine Plus for £20.

ww2 German U-33 u-boat postcard for sale
The postcard was sent months after the U-boat met her fate.

Kriegsmarine Plus logo

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