WW2 German & Russian Tank Tracks for Sale

A selection of WW2 German Army and Russian tank tracks.
Including Tiger 1, Stug, Panzer IV and T34.

The below video has been put together by the guys at The Militaria Shop in the UK showing a large selection of new stock. WW2 German Tank relics are becoming more and more collectable for a few reasons; first off, who wouldn’t want to own a part of an original Tiger tank? There after, it becomes an addiction… you need a Panzer 1,2,3,4 Panther, Stug. Then into Russian items! KV1, T34, SU76. It’s a fantastic, broad area of collecting.

At The Militaria Shop they always have a broad selection of new stock coming in, as seen in this video. So it’s well worth keeping an eye on their website. Relics are always going up in price, so it’s a great investment in a rapidly growing market.

I had a browse of their website this evening. Online currently for sale there’s some fantastic items. Here’s a couple of highlights for me.

First off is a lovely small item. This is the valve from an Me109 or Me110 exhaust. An ideal paperweight size item and a chance to own part of an Me.109. I have chosen this for 2 reasons; one is its reasonable price at £37.99 and secondly, its size. Collecting relic parts can be a space-consuming hobby. But this just shows some smaller items are still around.Me109 Engine valve

Secondly is this fantastic item. This is the driver’s hatch from a Tiger 1. Such an iconic tank and this really is the other end of the spectrum to the valve above. It is huge and heavy and not cheap, but is the pinnacle of WW2 German tank relics. This item is currently up for sale for £1,200 + postage and to be honest, it doesn’t seem expensive at that these days! Retaining huge amounts of its original paintwork and lots of the detailed parts on the inside that are ideal for study. Well worth checking out before it sells.Tiger 1 drivers hatch

For more items for sale by The Militaria Shop CLICK HERE.

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