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M4 SHERMAN for Sale

M4 SHERMAN currently on sale from Military Classic Vehicles in Normandy, France!

It is not too often you see a Sherman for sale, but this is a lovely example. Only 188 of this model “Grizzly” were made in Canada from October 1943 to December 1944.

It has been partially restored and is in overall very complete condition but will need a little more work.

The front differential block has its original “Iowa Transmission Co” plate dated 1943, the driveshaft is complete and remains at the bottom of the Sherman. The seats, all operating mechanisms, pedals, coaxial 30 cal support are original and in good condition, the pilot and co pilot hatches have the periscope supports, a pair of model M6 is still in place.

The clutch control mechanism remained in place, the steering and brake controls work perfectly, the electrical harness is also present. The running gear is in very good condition, the wheel tires had been replaced as new, the suspensions are working properly.

The continental engine NOT supplied will need to be fitted.

The turret is the original 75mm model, the gun elevation system and the hydraulic rotation unit are present and in good condition.

The telescope holder, the turret rotation lock are original as well as the shell storage boxes and seats.

The turret hatch is of the correct “double hatch” model, the support of cal. 50, the sights of direct sight are present on the turret, the tools and accessories, machine gun of cal. 50 and cradle are provided with this M4 SHERMAN .

The armament is neutralized with certificate of the french armament of st Etienne.

Price: 330 000€

Transportation & exportation on asking.

If you are interested then please CLICK HERE to see their website with a selection of great items including this vehicle. THIS VEHICLE HAS NOW SOLD

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