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Vietnam War Helmets for Sale

The Vietnam War, one of the most devastating conflicts of the 20th century, lasted for almost two decades and claimed the lives of millions of people. One of the most iconic symbols of the Vietnam War is the helmet worn by the soldiers simply due to the personalisation added to them by soldier. In this article, I’ll explore some Vietnam war helmets currently for sale from our partner sites.

The helmets worn by American soldiers during the Vietnam War were officially known as the M1 helmet. The M1 helmet was first used in World War II and was designed to protect soldiers from flying shrapnel and other debris. It was was made of steel and had a distinctive shape with a brim that extended over the forehead and the back of the neck. The helmet also had a chin strap that kept it firmly in place during combat, with a chinstrap on both the helmet and liner giving the wearer options.

During the Vietnam War, the M1 helmet was updated with a new liner that provided additional cushioning and made the helmet more comfortable to wear for long periods. The liner also had a webbing system that allowed soldiers to adjust the fit of the helmet to their head size. Again an adaptation aimed at comfort.


It’s fascinating how the soldiers in Vietnam used their helmets as a canvas to express themselves in a time of such turmoil and chaos. The personal touches they added, such as graffiti, pictures, or patches, were a way for them to bring a piece of home with them to the battlefield.

But the “kill tally” is a particularly striking example of how soldiers used their helmets to mark their experiences in combat. It’s difficult to imagine what it must have been like for these soldiers to have to take another human’s life, and the tally was a way for them to process that experience and measure their success in battle. It’s understandable that the military discouraged this practice, as it could be seen as glorifying violence, but it’s also a testament to the extreme pressure and trauma these soldiers faced.

Vietnam War. A US Army soldiers helmet keeps track of the months time he has left on his thirteen month tour of duty. February 1968.

The helmets themselves, as objects, also have a powerful symbolism. They represent the physical protection that soldiers needed to survive in the war, but they also carry the emotional weight of the sacrifices made by those soldiers. They are a tangible reminder of the immense courage and bravery it took to fight in Vietnam, and they serve as a tribute to the men and women who made that sacrifice. In many ways, the helmets worn by soldiers in Vietnam are a reflection of the human spirit in times of adversity. They show how even in the darkest of circumstances, people can find ways to express themselves and hold onto their identity.

Vietnam Helmets for sale

U.S. M1C Paratrooper Helmet & Camouflage Cover

This M1C paratrooper helmet is a really neat example of military gear. It comes with a Mitchell camouflage cover and an elasticated helmet band that completes the look. The Mitchell cover is from 1970, and the straps on the liner are from 21st July 1967 – pretty interesting, huh? The only thing to note is that the sweatband has been replaced with a post-Vietnam issue from 1979, but that’s just a minor detail. Overall, it’s a really cool piece of history. It is available from Battleflag Militaria in the UK for £295.

U.S. M1C Paratrooper Helmet & Camouflage Cover

Battleflag militaria

Army surplus at A.R Militaria – Click HERE to see more.

US Marine Corps Helmet

This combat helmet definitely shows some signs of use. It has a U.S. Marine Corps cover on the original helmet, and there’s even an indentation on the cover from where it looks like the skull took a hit. The helmet is stained overall, and there’s a number ‘5307’ and the name ‘RICKY??’ on one side. On the other side, there’s ‘MP DET’ – which I’m guessing stands for Military Police Detachment. Despite the signs of wear, all the strapping is still there and intact. It is available from Regimentals in the UK for £410.

US marine corps helmet US marine corps helmet for sale

South Vietnam Marine Helmet

If you’re looking to add a unique piece to your Vietnam War collection, this South Vietnam Marine helmet could be just the thing. However, I should let you know that it’s a reproduction – at least the paintwork is – the helmet shell is original, but there’s no liner. The paint job is actually quite good, but it does show some wear and rust marks coming through the paint. Because of that, though, it’s being sold at a very affordable price. While it may not be an authentic piece of history, it still looks pretty cool on display. It is currently available from AAA Army Surplus and Collectables in Australia for AUS$120.

South Korean marine helmet for sale South Korean marine helmet for sale AAA Army Surplus & Collectables logo

Vietnam War Helmet Cover

Up next is a Vietnam War helmet cover – and if you’ve already got a helmet, why not jazz it up a bit by adding one of these period covers? These covers were actually pretty common back in the day – they were first used for camouflage, but soldiers also used them as canvases for their personalized artwork. As we mentioned earlier, some of those artworks have become quite infamous. So, not only would a helmet cover add some extra style to your collection, but it’s also a cool piece of history in its own right. The Militaria Shop in the UK have a wide selection of helmet covers listed for £8.99-12.99

Vietnam helmet with camouflage cover and liner

Soldier of Fortune is probably best known for their reproduction items, but did you know they also have a great selection of original period items? Take, for example, this Vietnam helmet with a reversible camouflage cover – it’s a perfect example of the kind of thing they stock.

This particular helmet includes the steel shell, complete with the correct M1944 chinstrap, an original liner, and an original reversible camouflage cover. Now, the liner does have a little tear (about 2cm) where one of the inner headband clips is fastened, but that’s to be expected from a helmet that’s seen some action.The cover itself has also been repaired in several places, both on the top and along the rim edge. Despite these repairs, it’s still in good used condition and would make a great addition to any collection. It is listed on Soldier of Fortune’s website for £175.

Vietnam War Tank Crew Gentex Hat

Okay, next up we have something that’s not technically a helmet, but it’s still pretty cool. It’s a Gentex hat that was used as the inner liner to a two-piece tank crew helmet during the Vietnam War. And let me tell you, finding one of these is pretty rare.

This particular hat is in nice condition, especially considering its age. It’s clearly marked on the top, and while there are some rips and tears here and there, overall it’s in good shape. If you’re a collector or just interested in military history, this would make a great addition to your collection. It is available from A.R Militaria in the UK for £55. It is worth pointing out that £55 is the eBay listing price. Most sellers (Adam included) are happy to do a deal directly to save everyone the eBay fees!

Vietnam war Gentex Hat for sale Vietnam war Gentex Hat for sale

A.R militaria Logo

Vietnam War M1 Infantry Helmet

Alrighty, let’s take a look at the next item. It’s a pretty straightforward M1 helmet, which was the standard model used by the infantry during the Vietnam War. This one’s in nice condition and comes complete with the liner and chinstraps. And here’s a little tip for you collectors out there: if you pair this helmet with one of the covers we mentioned earlier, it would look absolutely fantastic. It is available from Checkpoint-Militaria in the EU for €250.

M1 Helmet - Vietnam War - Infantry for sale M1 Helmet - Vietnam War - Infantry for sale Checkpoint Militaria

US Vietnam War Hat

And for our final item, we have something a little different. It’s not a helmet, but it’s still headgear! During the Vietnam War, many soldiers opted to wear hats instead of helmets due to the sweltering heat. And this particular hat is a real gem, featuring a “Thailand” patch. It’s a very nice hat and would make a great addition to any Vietnam War display or mannequin. Plus, it’s in really good condition, so you won’t have to worry about any wear and tear.
It is listed at IMCS Militaria in Holland for €145.

US Vietnam War Hat US Vietnam War Hat

IMCS Militaria logo

Thank you for taking the time to read about these interesting Vietnam War helmets and headgear. Each item has its own unique story and place in history, serving as a reminder of the sacrifices made by soldiers during that difficult and tumultuous time. Whether you are a collector or simply interested in the history of the Vietnam War, these items are a fascinating glimpse into the past.
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