eBay Roundup – 22nd August 2022

Welcome to our eBay roundup for Monday the 22nd of August to see what new militaria is for sale. Each week we take a browse through the wonderful world of eBay, looking for new auction listings. They will always vary massively in terms of price, age, condition and so on but we always try to pick out some interesting items.

On this week’s eBay roundup we have items that span the pre-WW1, WW1 and WW2 period, plus a 200-year-old item with a 0.99p start price! So, let’s get stuck in.

WW2-era HMS Cleopatra Ship’s Crest / Wall Plaque

I love display items like this. It’s an ideal wall hanging item for any Royal Navy display. The HMS Cleopatra spent a large chunk her wartime service being repaired. After initially traveling out to Gibraltar in 1942 and then onto Malta, she was almost immediately damaged by a bomb. After being repaired, she transferred out to assist on Operation Harpoon and Vigorous and successfully bombarded Rhodes as a diversion for Operation Pedestal.

She then returned to dock to have some minor repairs done but she was unfortunately damaged again, whilst being re-floated from the dry dock. Luckily the damage was so minor that her Captain ordered her to return to service. The next year she was leading a naval force to cause problems for Axis transport between Tunisia and Europe when she was attacked by an Italian submarine and yet again, was damaged. After being temporarily repaired at Malta, she was shipped to the USA for full repairs.

Overall she had a fantastic and interesting wartime service. This makes the plaque all the more interesting as a display piece.

This item is available for sale by the seller triangle52010 and at the time or writing has no bids, with a start price of £9.99 plus postage.

HMS Cleopatra Wall Plaque for sale eBay Royal Navy wall plaque for sale eBay

Reproduction WW2-Pattern British Army Battledress

Sticking with WW2 items, we come to a reproduction battledress. Re-enactment has become such a huge part of our hobby and the importance of displays on education of the next generation cannot be underestimated. Luckily, the jacket is in a good size of 5’10” in height, 37″ breast and 32″waist (all sizes are maximums). Manufactured by “Panther Store” who – after a little googling – seem to manufacture a good overall product. According to the seller, the item has never been used. So a nice, cheap item compared to buying new.

Current list price on eBay with 2 bids is £22 plus postage. For more information, the sellers username is sean37pat.

Reproduction 1940 Pattern Battledress for sale eBay

1942 dated 1940 pattern battledress for sale eBay
The manufacturers have even added a period-designed & dated label

Scots Guards Musicians Dress Tunic

Next, we move onto another display item. This jacket design is iconic to this day as guards still wear them today. However, this example is from 1931, making it 90 years old! Because of this, you can forgive the moth holes and small amount of damage to the rear. It was mainly the front view that drew me to this listing. From the front, this is a fantastically decorative uniform and as a display piece on a mannequin, it looks great. Internally, it has a factory label dating it to 1931 and its original cream interior.

This is available from optp on eBay with 2 bidders to date and a price of £23.24

Scots Guards WW2 Dress Tunic for sale
The gold cuffs, chest and shoulder boards make this an impressive jacket.
WW2 Musicians uniform for sale
To the rear you have some light moth holes and damage

Partially Researched WW1 War Medal

When it comes to WW1 medals, more often than not the interest is in the research and the history of the soldier himself. In this case, it appears some work has been done. The seller knows that the soldier had served with the 1st Battalion of the Canadian Pioneers and was sadly killed in action on the 23rd of July, 1916. He is buried at the Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery in Ypres, Belgium. I am sure that with some more research, it would be possible to find out more – and in that lies the joy of collecting militaria!

The medal is for sale by deco-styles777 with a current auction price of £2.86 plus postage.

WW1 War Medal KIA for sale
The medal will be shipped with the information sheet shown in the photo.

WW1 1914 Princess Mary Christmas Tin

Staying with WW1 items for now, this classic item belongs in every WW1 collection. The Princess Mary tins were issued for Christmas of 1914, as Princess Mary felt that every soldier or sailor deserved something for Christmas. This then expanded to everyone serving at home or abroad. Consequently, it is estimated that around 2.6 million of these tins were originally issued. Although not a high value item, it is a nice historic piece regardless.

This particular example is for sale by sorebones and I chose it firstly, because it was a newly listed item and secondly, because the price is fair. They are online between £15-35. The current start price on this item is £17.99 with no bids as of yet.

Princess Mary 1914 Christmas Tin for sale
The front of the box is iconic in WW1 collecting.

Antique Pair of 50mm Cannonballs

Finally, today’s wildcard item. I just couldn’t resist putting them in. I know nothing about antique cannonballs, so cannot speak to any originality of give an opinion. But the seller seems to know his subject. He suggests that they are around 200-300 years old and weight around 0.5kg each. Both have some battle scarring and remnants of original paint. They are being sold out of his personal collection and would happily allow collection in person from his address in Portsmouth (UK), but postage is also available.

They are available for sale by ava*ganda with a current bid of 99p with 6 days and 21 hours remaining at the time of writing, so potentially a great bargain.

18th century cannonball for sale 50mm antique cannonball

That concludes this week’s eBay roundup for militaria for sale! I hope the items have been of interest; happy bidding!

As always with eBay, please check into the seller’s feedback scores to make sure they are reputable and will fix any issues you may have. We have no affiliation with any of the eBay sellers; they are all just items that I personally thought may be interesting!

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