eBay Roundup – 26th September 2022

Having missed last week’s eBay roundup to follow Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, we return this week with a mixture of interesting, rare and common items for sale on eBay. Every week we browse through the most recent few hundred items listed onto eBay in search of something for everyone, and to be honest, that is the fun of eBay. There is such a variety of sellers, items and countries, it always makes for interesting searching.

WW2 Royal Air Force K Type Rubber Dinghy

It is not often large rare items go up for sale online. This is mainly because of shipping costs; however, this seller is willing to ship out this piece. The bag is in overall good shape with some verdigris on some press studs but of course, the interest is in the dinghy itself. The most important part is that it still inflates and holds air making it an ideal display item.

This is currently for sale in the UK from erj74 with an auction start price of £550.

RAF K type dinghy
As the dinghy still inflates, it would look great with some mannequins inside.
22c bag and K type Dinghy
On the underside it still retains some of the manufacturers markings.

WW2 British Civilian Gas Mask

From the rare and large above, to the small and common. During WW2 most British civilians were issued with a small, boxed gas mask like this one. As such they are very common to find in the UK, but still hold a value as a collectable. In most cases you find them named with the owner’s address, in case they were lost. This particular example is named and comes with its original canvas carry bag. It is named to an Eva Stansfield, 6 Kingstone Terrace, Morecambe, Lancs. Although common, they are getting harder to find in good, undamaged condition. Sadly many gas masks have their straps broken by people trying them on over the years. The elastic in the straps sadly doesn’t age well and as such, it makes them brittle.

This example is available from the seller moaningminnie in the UK with a starting bid of £8.

WW2 Civillian gas mask
Worn over the head, this gas mask comes in its original purpose-built box.
WW2 British gas mask
Named on the right hand flap.

WW1 German Picklehauble Flammenwerfer Regiment Helmet

This next item is a nice display item. The seller states it came from a theatrical prop lot in the 1970s or 80s. One thing we sadly see regularly with eBay is sellers selling items such as this as original when sadly they aren’t. As such, it is nice to see this piece being described exactly as it is.

Overall, it is a lovely display piece and with a start price of £0.99, it could be a bargain!

Currently for sale by vintageprops in the UK.

WW1 German Prussian Guard Flammenwerfer helmet
Note the skull mounted to the front, this represents the “death’s head pioneers”.
WW1 German Prussian Guard Flammenwerfer helmet
The liner has been put together out of old leather parts to resemble a WW1 liner.

1910 Dated M1892 US Army Holster

Any item that pre-dates WW1 is getting very tough to find. If nothing else, simply because of age! This leather US army holster was manufactured by “Rock Island Arsenal” and is well dated 1910 making it 112 years old now! Quite remarkable considering its condition. What is also unusual about this example is that it is left handed. These days, left-handed holsters are just as mass produced as right; however, heading back in time this was rarely done and was often a private purchase. Most left-handed soldiers just had to get used to a right-handed set up.

This holster is currently for sale in the UK with a start price of £19.99 from tommyatkins1915.

WW1 Rock Island Arsenal Holster
US stamped in the front is consistent with an army holster.
WW1 Rock Island Arsenal Holster

WW1 Brass Trench Army Tank Regiment Snuff Box

We recently did a post on trench art as it really is an interesting subject overall. (Click Here to read it) So much of it was made during WW1 as soldiers were simply bored in the trenches; however, most were likely produced post WW1 as commemorative items. Either way, they are great to look at, display and collect. This piece is an unusual one to find. It is likely a small “pompom” French shell case that has been cut down, adapted and made into a small officer’s peaked cap with a flap opening for snuff or tobacco. Someone has also removed the “Tank” from a Royal Tank Regiment cap badge and mounted it on the front. All around a lovely-looking small piece.

This has a current start price of £29.99 in the UK and is available from the seller mrhscurioshop.

Royal Tank Regiment Trench Art

Trench art snuff box
The underside hinges open and can be used as a small storage box.

WW1 British Army Death Plaque or “Death Penny”

A lot of WW1 items this week! The death pennies are a very iconic piece of WW1 militaria with one being issued to a soldier (or his family) after their death. This example is named to a Robert Mann. The seller has done a little bit of research and has found a few men with this name. They do come up on eBay fairly frequently; however I picked this one out as it had a start price of £9.99. I doubt it will end at that price, but it is always fun to get involved!

Currently for sale by tommyatkins1915.

Death penny WW1
Death Plaque to Robert Mann – Possible Somme KIA

WW1 Royal Flying Corps Pilots Wings

I picked this item out simply because of rarity. The RFC was a very small unit with a high KIA rate. What is more interesting about this piece is that the seller has some history with the badge. It came from the estate of Lt Phillip James Stuart-Smith who flew with the 74th Squadron and was killed in action on May the 8th in 1918. The seller has also included a few sheets of research.

Current start price on this RFC badge is £200 from a seller in the UK 1760.ray1418.

Original Royal Flying Corps wings
This set of wings would be worn on the breast of a pilot’s uniform.
Original RFC Pilots wings
The seller has done some research into the original owner.

WW2 Pilots Wings Converted into a Sweetheart Bracelet

Also on the theme of pilots, this next item is a WW2 American Army Air Corps pilot’s set of wings that have been expertly converted into a bracelet. Items such as this are know as “sweetheart” pieces. Often badges, necklaces or bracelets, they normally involved a soldier’s regimental badge converted to gift to their sweetheart or family members back home.

This particular piece I would suggest has been made by a jeweller, given the bracelet is in sterling silver, as well as the wings. It has clearly been expertly crafted.

Currently for sale in the USA for $165 from the seller theinsigne.

Sterling Silver Sweetheart bracelet Sterling Silver Sweetheart bracelet

With that we conclude this week’s eBay roundup. As always, buy with care, check out sellers’ feedback scores and judge for yourself if they are trustworthy. And remember, if you aren’t sure of the originality of an item, get in touch with the seller or show it to other collectors / dealers. Better to be safe than sorry!

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