eBay Roundup – 3rd October 2022

Welcome to this week’s eBay roundup on the 3rd of October 2022. Today I decided to go with some very mixed and interesting items from all periods and areas. Sometimes eBay can bring you the best in totally random bits. As always, it is worth remembering with eBay that some sellers are not the most above board. It is always worth contacting sellers to discuss items before bidding and checking out the description in detail. The counter to this, of course, is that you can often find some great bargains and really interesting bits on there. So, let’s begin.

WW1 Glasgow Highlanders Sweetheart Brooch

Early sweetheart brooches are beautifully manufactured and this example is no different. This WW1 era Glasgow Highlanders 9th battalion brooch is manufactured in silver with stunning blue and red enamel on the front. On the rear it retains its original clasp and hook with a maker mark and is also Sterling marked. This example is currently listed at £50 on a buy it now listing from trickett3958.

WW1 Highlanders Sweetheart brooch for sale
Note the very detailed enamelling. This is the kind of quality you see in period items.
WW1 Highlanders Sweetheart brooch for sale
Maker marked & STERLING marked on the rear.

European Civilian Buttons

This item doesn’t really fit into militaria, but it just caught my interest as something I hadn’t seen for sale before. Listed as 19th century civilian buttons in a lot of 200. The photos were what made it interesting. There are some really obscure and interesting-looking buttons in there. Certainly worth more research. Listed from a seller in the USA for $120 from prados_colecciones.

19th century buttons for sale
Some interesting-looking buttons in the photos. Not my area at all, but interesting.

Theatre-Made Vietnam War Airborne Patch

Often when out in combat areas, soldiers would move regiments, arrive without patches or for a list of other reasons, would need a new badge. This brings about what is known as “theatre-made” badges. Normally locally produced and more often than not, crudely made. This Vietnam-era Airborne Mike Force 3rd Batallion 2nd Corps shoulder patch fits into this category. This particular example measures about 82mm tall and 65mm wide, so makes a nice display item and the seller offers free shipping within the USA. Currently it is listed at $26.40 from cambodia1.

Vietnam War Army Airborne Mike Force 3rd BN 2nd Corps Patch
I wonder if this has been sewn straight onto a uniform and then cut off?
Vietnam War Army Airborne Mike Force 3rd BN 2nd Corps Patch
The rear shows how the hand stitching has been poorly – or more likely, quickly – done.

Set of 9 German Reichsmark Notes

Money is collectable from any period, but WW2 items are even more so. This seller in Estonia has a full set of each standard variation of Reichsmark note. As a group they make a lovely display set and would look great in a frame. It includes a 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 20 and 50 Reichsmark notes. They are for sale for $35.99 from the seller scandiquest.

WW2 German money for sale
The bank notes all appear in good overall condition.

World War 2 Imperial Japanese Air Force Group

WW2 Japanese items are always rare to find, especially air force. This seller has a great set of items all from one airman. An unusual group to find all together. The set includes some medals, lots of written documents and some interesting-looking paintings. The group is being sold by a seller in Tokyo, Japan named no_spe-94 with a list price of $1,200.

Japanese Air Force Group for sale
There appears to be some really interesting items in here, so well worth more research.

Fragments of Ukrainian Artillery

With the ongoing fighting in the Ukraine, more relics from the battlefield are being sold online. This seller has some really interesting items that are the historical pieces of the future. In this listing there are fragments of a rocket and mixed artillery pieces from the city of Chernihiv in the Ukraine. The pieces are shipped out the Ukraine by the seller leontua. He has a list price of $18.

Ukraine Battlefield relics for sale
Small relic parts and segment of rocket.
T72 Tank Ukrainian battlefield
All the pieces were found in the vicinity of this destroyed T72 tank.

Confederate General’s Frock Coat Reproduction

Finally today is an interesting reproduction item. Civil War reenacting is huge in the USA and is becoming more popular in Europe as well. This company are manufacturing general’s coats to size. With a 4-week wait time on delivery, you can get a fantastic-looking item tailored to fit. For sale from milkcrk_mercantile in the USA for $280.

Confederate Generals Coat for sale
The jacket has been designed off the back of originals to match a period coat.
Confederate Generals Coat for sale
The detailing in the coats look great.

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