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eBay Roundup - 17th October 2022 -

eBay Roundup – 17th October 2022

Welcome to this week’s eBay roundup for Monday the 17th of October 2022. As always we have a good browse through the newly listed items on eBay over the weekend and this week has quite a bit of variety. We have some uniforms from a few periods, medals galore (as always!) and a few other interesting bits and bobs. We always recommend caution when buying from eBay, simply because you are buying from sellers all across the world. Some of which will have no experience and some of which who are professionals. Each case is different, so we recommend contacting sellers, looking at postage and return policies and generally getting to know trusted sellers.

WW2 US Army M43 HBT Combat Shirt

We start with a classic and standard piece of US army WW2 gear. Vast quantities of these shirts were produced during the war as they were heavily used; however, not as many as you would think have survived to this day. This is perhaps due to them being reissued in Korea and Vietnam and also due to them being a useful and hard-wearing shirt.

This used example is available in a good size (38 Regular) from the seller 01gf63 in the USA for $59.99. The seller does have ‘make an offer’ on the listing so it could potentially be picked up for less.

US Army M43 shirt for sale
The shirt is in overall good worn condition. Ideal for display.
US Army M43 shirt for sale
The size label shows 38R (Regular) so is a good useable size for a mannequin or reenactment.

Russian Soviet Baltic Fleet Sailor’s Shirt

Staying with uniforms for our next item, this is a Russian Soviet-era sailor’s shirt. Russian items from the Cold War era have been increasing in value the last few years, with more and more interest in that period of history. This has somewhat increased since the invasion of the Ukraine as now items cannot easily be bought from Russia. This shirt is for sale in Kharkiv in the Ukraine with a list price of $21.60 from the seller made_in_the_ussr.

USSR Baltic fleet shirt for sale
In overall good condition.
USSR Baltic fleet shirt for sale
Complete with the “Baltic Fleet” badges.

Viking Bronze Ring

Now this is an interesting item and for sure something I have never come across before. Listed as a genuine viking ring, it was found close to Kiev in the Ukraine. I do truly hope this is a genuine item because it would be very interesting. The seller offers a guarantee, so I have no reason do disbelieve it. I just saw it and had to include it in this post! It is currently for sale with a start price at auction of £6.99 from the seller britannia-antiquities in the UK.

Original viking ring for sale
With a patterned edge, this really is a beautifully clean item.

WW1 The War Illustrated Magazine

WW1 magazines are surprisingly common to find. The War Illustrated series was heavily produced and somehow, many have survived so luckily this is a nice, cheap item to pick up. But for me personally, they show so much history. The illustrations inside each addition show the reader where the war in Europe was up to at this point from land, sea and air. This particular example is issue number 91 and was published on the 13th of May 1916. So by this point the war had been raging for around 2 years. There was a lot to cover in one issue. The seller goes into detail about the specific contents. It us currently listed in the UK for £3.25 from the seller ett1954.

War illustrated magazine for sale
The cover of this weekly magazine shows a German submarine attacking a passenger steamer.

Pair of WW1 British Army Medal Groups

Medals often appear in our eBay posts. This is simply because eBay is such an easy place for people to list them. Sometimes people are professional dealers selling them; however, the vast majority are private sellers selling off family items or items found in an old family member’s drawers. What this does mean is that some seriously interesting and unique groups go online.

This group contains a single pair and a trio, both names to a “Hales” family member. There is a chance they could be brothers. One was Royal Navy, the other in The Queen’s Regiment. The group also comes with a set of miniatures. The listing was started at £50 in the UK; however, at the time of writing it is already at £69. It is being sold by beanieboy2001.

WW1 British medal group for sale
A full set of miniature with the medals.
WW1 British medal group for sale
All WW1 medal groups were named, making them very interesting to research.

WW1/WW2 British Medal & Badge Group

I had to include this group because it is so mixed. There are WW2 medals, Belgian medals, WW1 Royal Flying Corps items, a New Zealand cap badge and more modern items included. But often, mixed lots can be the most interesting, as you can pick up some real bargains!

This group is for sale in the UK from the seller jjt_2121 with a start price of £0.99.

RFC cloth for sale in medal group
There are a number of interesting items in this group.
WW2 medals for sale
A mix of WW2 medals and post-WW2 Royal Navy buttons.

RAF Sweetheart Brooch

Finally today I finish with something truly beautiful. As soon as I saw this, I knew it had to be included. Sweetheart brooches are often well made, but that becomes even more true when they are enamelled to this level. This RAF badge is marked silver on the rear and has red, blue and green enamelling on the front making it a really stunning piece. It also has the added bonus of coming in what we must assume is its original box. It us currently listed in the UK for £50 on a buy it now listing; however, again, it is worth mentioning that there is the ‘make an offer’ option on this item. The seller’s username is bruton_and_son.

RAF Sweetheart Brooch for sale
In a vintage watchmaker’s box.
RAF Sweetheart Brooch for sale
Marked “Silver” on the reverse.

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