eBay Roundup – 5th September 2022

Welcome to our eBay roundup for the week beginning 5th of September 2022. Each week we have a browse through newly listed eBay items for anything that catches our eye. This can be anything from a high value item down to the basic and straightforward must-have item for a collector. You never know what you will find on eBay!

This week’s roundup consists of more standard items. Some lovely helmets and some rare-to-find WW1 pieces. So, let’s tuck in!

WW1 Lewis Gun Manual

Paperwork is always a tough thing to find, especially when it’s over 100 years old. This example was produced in 1915, just before the Battle of the Somme, and talks the user through the handling, maintenance and use of the then-new Lewis Gun. In the manual you will find descriptions of how to use both the aircraft variation and the infantry model. This means the booklet could have been issued to anyone from a number of branches of service, including the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force, as well as of course any regiment of the army.

This informative booklet would be a great find to anyone owning a Lewis Gun and looking for an interesting addition to their collection. It’s available on eBay with a current start price of £95 from the seller coniston1980.

WW1 Lewis Gun manual for sale
The handbook is in great condition for its age.
Lewis Gun handbook for sale
The pages seem nice and clean.

British Army WW1 1908-Pattern Pouch

The next item is a rare-to-find piece in WW1 collecting. British ’08-pattern webbing in good condition is becoming scarce, so this seller having a pair for sale is of great interest. The item photographed is the right-hand pouch, but he has the left one listed on a different listing as well. At the time of writing this post, the left pouch is at £8.50 and the right one is at £9.50; however, I will be very surprised if this lasts long!

The examples are both in good overall condition and showing some normal wear and tear. On the rear they are each dated 1916 and either L or R for left or right pouch. Used by soldiers right the way through WW1, these are a must-have for any WW1 collector.

Available from moaningminnie.

1908 Pattern ammo pouch for sale
The pouches are in great condition for their age, which is difficult to find.
1908 Pattern ammo pouch for sale
Markings on the reverse

WW2-era Brass Spitfire / Hurricane

Our next item today is a nice, interesting desktop decoration piece. I actually had a similar one on my desk for many years. This brass plane is in overall nice condition and an ideal display item. Measuring around 12cm tall, it is an ideal size and although one propeller has been repaired, it remains a lovely item. It’s available for sale for £49.99 from themintedone on eBay.

Spitfire Hurricane display item for sale
It would make an ideal gift for a collector or plane enthusiast.

1943-dated British Army Ammunition Box

I chose this box today because of how multi-purpose it is. We use boxes like this for tool kits, but I have seen them used for transporting stock to shows, for storage, for display back drops, etc. There’s a huge list of options. This particular box is in overall solid condition, and although it has been repainted, looks the part overall. On the top of the box you can see the clear date stamp of 1943 plus the manufacturer’s code. the main detractor is the missing closing clasps on the front; however, it is still useable for a variety of things.

Currently bid is at £3.20 on this item from wearthefoxhatoffgridliving.

WW2 British ammo box for sale
Other than the missing closing clasps, it is in good, usable condition.
1943 British box for sale
The 1943 date is very clear.

WW2 M40 German Helmet Relic

Relic helmets are always popular, especially when they are in good, solid shape. This example of an M40 is just that. It appears to be a solid helmet with remnants of its original paintwork, plus the faintest outline of a tricolour shield still on the left side. Double decal M40 helmets are few and far between, so in reality, this is quite a rare helmet to find these days, even as a relic.

This helmet is currently available with a start price of $199 from video.ruslan2011.

WW2 German Helmet Relic for sale
For a relic helmet, it is in solid condition.
WW2 Wehrmach helmet double decal for sale
The decal is still faintly visible.

WW2 French Army M1915 Adrian Helmet

Staying with helmets for a moment, the next item is a WW1 French Army helmet that’s apparently untouched. The M1915 Adrian helmet is an iconic helmet from WW1, and to find a helmet that is over 100 years old in this kind of condition is becoming harder and harder. This model of helmet was used from 1915 until 1926, when the M1926 was introduced. This particular example is in overall fine condition and comes complete with the liner. Sadly the chinstrap is missing but they do come on the market from time to time.

Currently available on eBay with a start price of €199 from the seller militaria-leberetvert who’s in France.

WW2 French Army Adrian Helmet For sale
Good example of the French Adrian helmet.
M1915 French Helmet Liner
The helmet comes with its liner but no chinstrap.

1941-dated Spyglass & Case

Now this is something unusual and interesting. I have no idea if it is actually military, although the anchor may suggest it was for naval use. Nonetheless, it is an interesting piece worthy of research. The brass part of the spyglass is well marked by the maker “Ottway & Co. Ltd. Ealing, London” and on the leatherwork the same markings plus the date 1941 can be seen. As I say, I have no idea about the originality of this item but well worth some research.

The start price is £29.99 from pixiefred.

1941 Eye glass for sale
The anchor may suggest navy use.
w. Ottway & Co. Lts. Ealing London
Markings and date
w. Ottway & Co. Lts. Ealing London 1941
The same markings are on the leather as well.

Japanese Army Hyakushiki Flight Clock from WW2

Japanese aircraft parts are a rarity to find, especially in good condition. Therefore, this next item is a really interesting one and from my short research, it appears to be at a reasonable price! This dashboard clock would have originally been in one of many Japanese aircraft during WW2; however, it was popular with pilots to remove the clock from the dashboard and wear it around their necks instead. This tradition continued after the war. I can find examples being sold from £1,000-2,000 across eBay and the wider internet, so potentially a bargain here.

Currently for sale from haaaa-42 in Japan for $999.

WW2 British Soldier’s Dog Tag

Finally today we end with one of the most basic of WW2 British army items: the dog tag. Every soldier was issued with at least two, with many soldiers needing more and more to be made, as they were easily lost. The reason I like dog tags like this is that they tell a story. The rear of the tag is marked RAF, so presumably the soldier was in the RAF. Beyond that, it is currently a mystery, but well worth some research.

Currently this piece is available from j.e.s.done with a start price of just £10.

WW2 British Dog Tag For sale

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