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Each week we browse the wonderful world of eBay in search of interesting, unusual or cheap items currently listed for sale.

eBay is a great source of new items. With thousands of items being listed for sale each day, you are never short of a new crop of interesting bits and bobs. Most sellers offer a worldwide postage option, but it is always worth double-checking this. Plus check out feedback scores; sadly eBay (like everywhere now) has its share of untrustworthy sellers. However, for the most part, you will find a great selection of interesting items posted daily by genuine sellers.

Today’s list features some great paperwork, a few medals and a great reproduction plumed helmet. Please remember that most of these items are auction listings, so the price mentioned in the post below could have changed by the time the item sells or by the time you have seen it.

Great Condition WW2 New Testament Bible with 96th Infantry Dog Tags & Medal Ribbons

This set of dog tags comes with some documentation, medal ribbons and a New Testament Bible. Through research it is possible to identify the dog tags as having belonged to a soldier who served with the 383rd Infantry Regiment of the 96th Infantry ‘Deadeye’ Division during WW2. He was wounded in action at Okinawa in June of 1945.  There are 3 dog tags on the chain, all of which are included in the sale.

The documentation is fragile; however, it remains in good overall condition. International shipping is no problem with this seller.

WW2 German dog tags & paperwork
WW2 German dog tags & paperwork
Original fragile records intact
Original fragile records intact
3 dog tags included in the sale
3 dog tags included in the sale

Available on eBay today from 44thcollectorsavenue for $167.99 plus postage.

WW1 German Army Trio of Medals with Original Ribbons

Next we have a nice medal group. This trio of First World War German medals are all in overall good condition with their original ribbons still intact. From left to right the medals are an Iron Cross 2nd Class, Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918 and a Kyffhauserbund Medal with crossed swords on the ribbon. The iron cross was officially awarded for “a single act of bravery in the face of the enemy, or actions that were clearly above and beyond the call of duty”. Although handed out liberally towards the end of the war, it is still a prestigious award.

WW1 German Medal Trio
WW1 German Medal Trio
WW1 Iron Cross
WW1 Iron Cross close up

Available today from guitarpagemaker on eBay for £75.95.

WW2 Sterling Silver ARP Lapel Badge

In overall very nice, clean condition, this WW2 Air Raid Precautions lapel pin is at a bargain start price of only £2.50. Sterling silver marked on the back, this badge – although quite common – is a lovely addition to any collection.

WW2 ARP Lapel Pin
WW2 ARP lapel pin front view
WW2 ARP Lapel Pin Silver Hallmark
WW2 ARP Lapel Pin rear view showing the hallmark & makers mark

Available today with a start price of £2.50 from willnauddesign on eBay.

WW2 Royal Engineers Paperwork and Cap Badge Grouping

This is a really nice grouping of items to a solider who served with the Royal Engineers during WW2. With the set comes his Royal Engineers cap badge, service and pay books, release paperwork and his record of service card from 1941 until 1946. The sheet of signatures that comes with the group is interesting; not something you see too often, and if researched and identified, it could be rather valuable.

Attached with the group is a brief note about the soldier himself, written by one of his relatives. Alfred Radcliffe was his name and he mostly spent time serving in Egypt.

Royal Engineers Paperwork
The Paperwork, Cap Badge and Photos.
Royal engineers signatures
Royal engineers signatures.
Royal Engineers Paperwork WW2
Royal Engineers paperwork from his service in WW2

Currently available with a start price of £29.99 from gasman600.

Small Group of WW2 British Badges & Trade Patches

This listing is for a simple but nice group of badges. They could be from either WW1 or WW2 given that the same badges were used in each. Making up a nice grouping, these badges could be split down and sold separately, or kept together as the start of a badge collection.

WW1 WW2 Trade Badges Front View
WW1 WW2 Trade Badges Front View
WW1 WW2 Trade patches rear view
WW1 WW2 Trade patches rear view

Currently available with a start price of £14.99 from royalflyingcorps.

Reproduction 1847 Inniskilling Dragoon Officer’s Helmet

This really is a fantastic item and simply looks stunning in the photos. It is a full-size reproduction of the 1847 Inniskilling Dragoons helmet. Complete with chin chain, red & white plume and the rosettes, it really is the whole package as a display piece. A classic representation of the flamboyance of 1800s officer’s helmets, this is a beautifully-made reproduction. The seller states that to his knowledge, there are no other 1847 helmets currently available online. Not sure how true that is without researching further, but for sure it is the first of this quality that we have seen. The seller also points out that the auction does not include the mount stand, mannequin or tunic shown in some of the photos.

1847 Inniskilling Dragoon Officers Helmet
1847 Inniskilling Dragoon Officers Helmet
The liner of the helmet with chin scale.
The liner of the helmet with chin scale
Close up of the victorian officers helmet badge
Front view of the victorian officer’s helmet badge

This fantastic reproduction is available today on eBay for £445 from danterossetti.

A WW1 Trench Art Vase Pair Depicting Grape Vines

Our last item today is a nice trench art vase pair. Always a popular item, this pair in particular are made from 2 French army 75mm shell cases and depict grape vine trees over a fluted base. Trench art has soared in popularity over the past few years – especially in the USA – mainly in my opinion due to the personal nature of the items. More often than not, hand-crafted in trenches by bored soldiers sat in the trenches.

WW1 trench art pair would make a great vase display.
This WW1 trench art pair would make a great vase display.
Grape vines hand engraved into the shell case
Grape vines hand-engraved into the shell case
WW1 French 75mm shell casing
WW1 French 75mm shell casing

Available on auction today on eBay, current start price is £32 plus postage from red18green.

This concludes today’s eBay round-up. Always remember with eBay to check postage policies and the seller’s feedback scores. Plus, it is always worth getting in touch with sellers if you have any questions or issues. Most sellers are happy to have a good old chat, and generally you will find that should there be an issue, such sellers are happy to help out after sale.

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